The reality shifted as soon I closed my eyes again. This time, would it be another planet, another species, another lifetime? My tenth different reality. It had been happening for a while, me waking up in dimensions other than my own, in places I couldn’t even have guessed and imagined in my wildest dreams. Well, this was a wild dream…!

I had no explanation; no chain of thoughts could have ever led me to gather any reasonable idea of the reasons behind this happening to me. Everyone dreams but to shift dimensions while dreaming! Never heard of that. The current reality behind me was bizarre and unimaginable. The sky was pink. The trees were pink. The puddles of water in front of me were pink. Everything was as pink as the Barbie world!

‘Am I in the world of Barbies?’ was honestly my first reaction, but then ‘Crazy’ I muttered to myself, thinking that another reality full of Barbies wouldn’t make any sense. I mean, in all previous nine realities along with my world, everything so far had been living beings. All the people- I mean, if you could technically call them humans- were living breathing talking beings. And barbies? Nah, I don’t think I was ready for plastic people yet.

I started observing everything around me to grasp my current situation better. I needed to understand where I was and how to deal with any upcoming troubles. It seemed like a farm, though I couldn’t see any people tending to it, even specifically any animals. There was only land stretching to God knows how far ahead of me. The weeds and grass were properly tended to and were a deep shade of pink, the trees that stretched alongside the lands were also a different lighter shade of pink, and pastels varying in their species I could never guess. The sky shone bright with a pastel shade of pink and the low number of clouds indicated a summer day. I walked a bit further from where I was standing, and to my relief, I saw a house with grey smoke coming out its chimney. Well, at least this confirmed I was on a farm. As I walked closer, I witnessed more liveliness as compared to the eerie loneliness that surrounded me a moment ago.

The house was simple and quaint, I could smell something warm as I got closer to it. Covering a distance as I walked further, I noticed it was an old-fashioned country house with a white sloping roof and white fences around it. Outwards the fence, there were chicken coops-all different shades of pastel blue and green; a stable at a distance and some horses grazing outside. Horses? I was curious about their colour! But unfortunately, they were far too in the unending distance for me to get a better look. Everything felt blurred- oh did I mention I was Myopic? It’s not severe but anyways. As I was getting nearer, I heard a noise.


A dog?? I almost jumped; do they have dogs here too? As I was about to turn in the direction of the clattering noise, I felt an even bigger shadow lurking behind me. ‘Are the dogs here so massive’, I almost was about to jump with fear as my hands trembled at the thought of it. With my trembling body as I stood there unable to turn towards the big dark shadow, A wave of cool breath touched my nape as a gravelly voice echoed in my ears.

“Who are you?”