The pain she was felling. It was the hardest time she was facing in her life,

Aleena have a daughter name anna. she loves her so much. Aleena is a single parent .she just have her daughter to call a family. Anna loves Aleena so much. she thought Aleena is a best mother she could ever have. she prayed to god everyday to save Aleena’s  life. Yes, Aleena is in her last few days of her life. she diagnosed with last stage cancer. Aleena care for daughter and never want to heart her, but Aleena did something which can turn Anna’s life upside down in past. And today she will tell Anna what she did with her.

Aleena was seeing outside the window when Anna came inside her room. Anna said “Mom you called me.” Aleena said “Anna I want to tell you something . I want to tell you my last wish dear. I did something with you that I shouldn’t did. Anna you often ask me about your dad but I never told you about it right, but today I will tell you my daughter. Your father name is Richard Mathew. When you were about to come in our life. I had an argument with your dad. I thought that he is cheating on me with his office colleague. I was so mad at him, and I decided to leave him alone. later on when I realized my mistake. I was so ashamed of what I did that I never got the guts to face him, but now I want you and him to be together dear. I am so sorry for what I did. Please forgive me Anna. I know that I don’t deserve it, but still I want to you to fulfill my last wish Anna. Please be with your father.”

After listening her mother Anna wipe up her tears and said ” I know about it mom.” Aleena was shocked after what she heard. Anna told Aleena that she found some photographs of Aleena and her father, and when she tried to figure out the things she met her father and got to know everything. Then Anna told Aleena ” Mom look at the door who is here for you. Aleena see her husband there. Aleena ask Richard to forgive him, and he did so.

This is how her last wish comes true, and she took her last breath with her complete family.