The story is about four women who are residing in a same apartment. They are different from each other. But there is a common thing which connects four of them.


Mridula has got admission in the college last week and tomorrow is the first day for her in the college. She has purchased new clothes, matching jewellery etc. Though she looks beautiful she won’t go anywhere without using fairness cream. She doesn’t know the reason why she depends on the fairness cream. But from her childhood onwards she used to think that the girls who are fair in looks will get more boyfriends or they will fall in love than others. She thought that if she did not look beautiful then she may not get any friends.

Mahima is a model and also a college girl. She is doing modeling in her free time and she wants to pursue her career in film industry. She wants to look beautiful than others. Mahima would spent more money in purchasing makeup kits. She doesn’t want to compromise with the quality. So she would always buy expensive makeup kit. Her parents would scold her for spending more time in modeling related activities and for buying expensive clothes. But Mahima won’t listen to their advice.

Sushma is a working woman and also a single mother. Her husband died in a road accident last year. She didn’t work anywhere before and after marriage. But the demise of her husband forced her to work. Initially she didn’t get job. After few months her friends had advised her to dress according to the latest fashion.

If she needs job then she has to look beautiful. Now Sushma has changed completely in appearance and her relatives and friends are supporting her. But still she is receiving negative comments from her neighbors.

Rekha has completed her post graduation. But she did not go for job. She is helping her mom in household works and she belongs to a conservative family. Her family believes that education is important for women but job is not essential unless the family is in a financial crisis.

The common thing about these four women will be their beauty and the pressure mount on their shoulders about showing themselves beautiful. All women wants to look beautiful and the society would also encourage them.

Whether beauty is the only thing the women need to give more importance in life? Why women have been pressurized by the society to look beautiful? When women will lead a life where there is no need to use fairness cream? The women are facing emotional disturbances by these kinds of pressures.

These four women also have the same question in their mind and the answer for these questions came in the form of Shanthi bai.

Shanthi bai is the servant maid who works in their apartment for part-time. She is 25 years old married women. She had a 5 years old girl child. She is the only earning member in her family. Shanthi knew that she may not able to do this kind of work for many years. So she has decided to study. Yes, you heard it right. She is studying in the same school where her girl child is studying. With the help of some kind hearted people she got the monetary support.

Shanthi will work in the day time and will go to school in the afternoon. She wants to clear her matriculation school education. She knew that she will get a decent job if she clears the exam. So she is doing hard work. Shanthi doesn’t look fair. She doesn’t know to speak English in American accent and don’t have smart phones. On top of it Shanthi don’t use any fairness cream to look fair. Yet she is working hard to emerge as educated women. Don’t we think this would be the real beauty? I am not against those who are using beauty products. But we should not impose our views on others that looking beautiful would be the greatest strength for women in life.