Chapter – 2

The murder scene

The next day he decided to report to the police but instead he became a subject of laughter in the police station when he reported his similar dream with the actual murder, somewhere between their laughter he sensed a hint of suspect in them that maybe he would have committed the murder. He realised that he had to take the matter in his own hands. The following days newspaper’s reported the suspected people, the time of death, the manner etc. and Mr. Fuller made notes from all of the articles, he dug deep into the past to find out the occurring of any such incident but found no luck instead of some old torn files of unsolved cases with tons and tons of dust. It will be a tough ride and we’ll be breaking many laws, Mr. Price, his friend said after hearing the whole story from Mr. Fuller but decided to help foreseeing the adventure involved. They decided to start their investigation after a few days when the murder scene will be away from limelight and the public will shift their area of interest.

After the wait of almost a week the duo tried to sneak to the murder scene that was still covered with barricades and a do not cross police line but no personnel was there to be seen, their idea had worked after all to wait. Both of them started to analyse each and every aspect of the scene carefully, though the most had been collected by the police as evidence. While investigating Mr. Price noticed a significant change in his friend’s behaviour. It was like Mr. Fuller had been here earlier and knew the place of everything like he has kept it there and from nowhere Mr. Fuller produced a blood-stained knife from a hole in the wall which was assumed to be the weapon of murder and remained undiscovered by the police.

“What the hell” were the first words that came out of Mr. Price’s mouth when he saw this

“How did you do it” he added further

“See, I told you that I knew it” told Mr. Fuller

They both were so engrossed in their work that they did not see that a police officer had come back after the duty exchange and had been observing them from a distance from some time. As soon as the officer saw him take out the weapon from the wall, he called for backup and arrested Mr. Fuller in the crime of murder, whereas Mr. Price was told to run away by Mr. Fuller when he heard police car sirens.

Now it all depended on Mr. Price to crack the mystery of the murder and prove his friend not guilty before he was presented to the court, and to do this he had to visit to the jail again and again and talk to his friend and try to gain as much details as he can about the scene, the dream and much more.

Tune in to the last leg of the story next time to find out that was Mr. Price successful in cracking the mystery before the court date or not.