After watching the Social Network Mustafa and Sathish got enamoured a lot. With that level of confidence and motivation one can have on his work, the level of dedication team is showing is the thing that really moved them to the highest extend. Then the team of friends got into discussion……and that went on and on and onnnnnnnn!!

“There are several applications which involve reports about the restaurants, their food products. Such ratings helped people find several places”, Mustafa said. “But in my opinion there can be an application designed in the near future which can give the live update of the restaurants”, Satish said with true eagerness. They both were standing in a queue for last one hour. Both of them were extremely excellent coders who did try to hack various systems around their campus.

They started building this idea and wanted to make it happen for real. Mustafa after imaging the new code, “For the same we need the restaurant owner to be logged in into the application so that walk in restaurants can co-ordinate with the people waiting outside of their restaurants. Those people will set a time span in which they wish to visit the restaurant.” Satish started writing the rough pseudo code on his phone. He is one person who loved coding and used to code in his dreams as well.

One day Mustafa said, “I want to make an application that can change the future of some business. With that application I will gain money…..that can make my present life. After that money I will design another app and I will prepare for my next life as well.” Such things keep in churning in the minds of those two coding geniuses. After coming back from the dinner they started working on the fact that they wish to convert into reality.

“So from this application the owner can mention the amount of time it will require more for the tables to get empty, so that people can visit the restaurants without getting bored”, suggested by Seema, their best friend after they went into the library. Listening to that thought Satish said with all the enthusiasm he had, “This can help in crowd management very well. Similarly he can also take confirm orders from people online itself so when they enter the restaurant and sit on their table the food will be served in no time.” Mustafa got busy in getting those ideas on paper and over the script file as well. They both were so moved by the idea that they wish to convert into reality. “Payments and customer satisfaction data can also be collected using the same. So e-transactions can also help in maintaining the track record of the cash clearly”, are the ideas flowed out of Mustafa’s mind.

Then they strived for nearly two weeks for preparing the same application. After preparation of the application they wished to taste the same and for the same they went to Dr. Samuel, their faculty who is really interested in innovations. “This is an amazing idea and can be helpful to many who actually come out their company and prefer to move to a restaurant for lunch and dinner. Saving time and efforts of many you guys have an excellent job.” Hearing to those positive words both the app makers got a wave of enthusiasm with which they wish to work even in the near future……..