…….The happiness of giving!

Looking at his father, the son Avium and his wife Ayesha were surprised. But after some time, Ayesha asked her father-in-law to be with them for a while and to have lunch with them. What was the reason behind this?

Avium was the only child of their parents. His father worked hard to give him the best education and made all his efforts to make him settle in the new city after getting the job. Avium mother died due to kidney disease and his father was left alone in the home after his son moved to the city. Avium married Ayesha and they both had a son named Ritvik. Ritvik is 6-year-old and study in a very costly school. But his father never moved to the city. He stayed in the village only all alone.

Avium’s father used to live in a village. He lived the simple life. He used to work in a post office but was retired a year before. So, he spends a lot of time in his fields looking for crops. He was a farmer.

Avium and Ayesha worked in a bank and altogether earned a lot. They lived in a 3BHK flat in a very posh colony. They were rich. They had air conditioners in all the three rooms. They had two lavishing cars which used to drop and pick from their homes to banks. But Avium’s father used to go to his work by cycle.

Often Avium’s father used to visit city to meet his son and daughter-in-law. He used to share the happy and unhappy moments with them and sometimes give them advice too. They also used to share sad and happy moments with their father.

But from the past one year, he was very stressed due to crops that he planted in his fields. Monsoon was not good since the past two years so the crops didn’t get enough water. Therefore, he was not able to harvest them. He spent a lot of money and hard work in farming but all went in vain. Due to this, he was not able to meet his son and daughter-in-law from the past one year.

Suddenly one day he went to the city and decided to visit them. He reached their home and asked them about their health and wellbeing.

Avium and Ayesha both were on cloud nine when they saw their father was in pink spirits of health and was completely fit. But after a while, they both were stressed and were in a tension thinking that again their father had come for the losses in his money and could ask for money from them because his crops were destroyed due to the seasons.

“It is by God’s blessing we are earning good amount of money. But we also need money, we also have stresses in our lives, we also have problems. We have taken the car loan, house loan, loan for higher studies of Ritvik and his EMI’s” said Ayesha in a very low tone.

His father after listening all this went to the washroom to take a bath so that he will be fresh after travelling so much. He came out from the bathroom and sat on the chair of the dining table. Avium was sitting beside his father and was sad. Avium’s father asked him, “Why are you sad? Is there any problem? Tell me I will help you in that.” Avium replied in a very low tone with a smiling face, “Dad everything is fine. Avium asked his dad, “Are you fine? Do you have any problem and if yes don’t hesitate to tell me, I will surely help you in that!”

When Avium was asking about his father’s well-being Ayesha looked at Avium in an irritated manner. Father replied, “No son, I have no issues. Only your problem makes me worried. Your problem is my problem.”

After saying all this Avium’s father put his hands in pocket and drew out a bundle of 2000 rupees notes and handed it to his son. While handling this he said to Avium, “The crop of this year was good and I have earned so much out of this.” I got a lot of profit so I came here to give you. All because I wanted to share my income with you. Seeing all this Avium and Ayesha were spellbound. They were in a still because they never shared their profit with their father. But his father came all way long only to share his profit with them.

It is correctly said that the father could only understand the happiness of giving, not the son. Father said to them, “You both should leave for your office, you might be running late. It is also the time for me to leave.”

Ayesha convinced her father-in-law to stay for few days because he rarely comes to their home. Avium’s father declined. Ayesha again asked her father-in-law to wait until the lunch. Avium’s father still declined.

He replied, “I cannot stay until lunch. I had breakfast and that is enough. You both and Ritvik are perfectly fit, I am happy in that only.”

Avium father washed his hands and went to his village on a cycle.