Since childhood, Harry didn’t get the love of his parents. And now when he was in a fix what option did he had?

“How can you do this?” While saying this Shahida was extremely angry.

What? What did I do wrong? Said Harry in a very low and soft tone.

At least you could have asked me. But at this time you didn’t ask me. I accept that. It is okay. It is your opinion. But even after taking a decision you didn’t ask me. How could you do that? At least you could have told me because I am your mother you should have the courtesy take my advice. Shahida spoke all this in the single in the breath.

“Alas, yes…! Oh, I almost forgot that you are my mother. Harry said all this sarcastically.

But I cannot help me because you only put me in this situation. You are the only reason why I am like this. You are the sole reason for my rude behavior and do you know why I am saying so?

I am helpless in this situation because you gifted me this life and told me how to spend it.

“Me”, asked Shahida.

Yes, mother! Remember the time when I was a toddler. O you remember it?

When I used to crave for the fairy tales so that I can sleep better when I crave for the love that every mother gives to her child. When I need you to pamper me. I needed your shelter when I was a toddler. And what did you do? But you were so hard on me like a metal that I used to manage myself to make me happy.

When I grew elder than before you started handling me a mobile phone to play games to keep me busy so that I will not irritate you. Yiu was selfish. Your phone was full of games, videos of children and the fairy tale videos. I kept playing games or watching the videos of children and fairy tale and got tired soon. And I used to sleep like this when I got tired.

Dad used to come home when I was asleep and went to his office when I was still sleeping. I never used to meet my dad in the regular days except for weekends.

When I used to go tot the school. Who made me learn the new subjects, concepts and theories. Was that you?

No. A bold No. You send me to the tuition classes. I used to study at tuition so that you don’t have to do that hard work for making me study.

Mom abruptly said that who used to pay the tuition fees. We paid it. Because we hoped that at the tuition you will study more as compared to home. We wanted your bright future. And the only option was to make you successful at studies was tuition classes. So we did that.

Harry replied that did you asked my tuition teachers that how I was performing at studies. No never. You always wanted that your formalities are completed. Did you ask the tuition teacher that was I performing ad studying dedicated? You completed your formality that I got to study after school time and after that, you didn’t care.

And whenever I used to ask the question from you, you always said me to google it or check it in the supplementary books. Did you ever make an effort to know that how I studied? Do I need more practice and hard work? Am I good or bad at studies?

Your answer always intended to be a blunt No. When w in seventh standard the internet became my tuition teacher. I always used to rely on the internet for my every study purpose. Internet was my only teacher, friend, and a parent. My life collapsed in this home. I used to live like that I am living under a bed in a corner where no one cares about me. It was like that the dust covered me and everyone just ignored me. I used to live all by myself.

Whenever I faced a hard situation or was in a fix regarding family, friends issue or any school-related problem. I couldn’t ask the solution of my problems with you. Even I could not share my moments with you. Do you know why?

All because you were always busy in your business meetings, official or unofficial gatherings, kitty parties, business trips, social work and every other stuff in the world that always kept you busy. All this work kept you busy always. You completely forgot that I am your child and your son is alive.

This internet always used to be my best friend and always stood by me in every sad and happy moment. This internet is my life and my world since I was in seventh class. Now I have taken decisions consulting this internet where you could have helped me take my decisions. But you were nit always available.

Now tell me what I did wrong? Did I ever take the wrong decision? I was understood to be self-reliant since my birth!