She realized today that to feel the pain of relatives and other people, relation doesn’t come in between.

Jasmine used to work in a multi-national company and her job was from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Her life was very hectic. She doesn’t get a bit of time for her.

It was the hottest day of the summer when she decided to come back from the office early. She came back from office to home as in the living room and lie down there because she was very tired and exhausted. Due to the sunstroke, she suffered from a headache. Her head was aching so much that she could barely open her eyes and grabbed her forehead very tightly.

Her husband John was at the home only. He saw that she was suffering from pain. So, he gave her two painkillers along with aa glass of water. Maybe this could be some relief to her. But it takes time for medicines to work. She wasn’t getting any kind of relief. She wakes after 10 minutes and got up in a hurry because all her household works were pending. He woke up and rushed to her kitchen and started making dinner for her and her family.

Seeing her father doing all this their daughter Rashida was greatly influenced. Rashida was 4 years old only. She left her drawing book and the toys with which she was playing. She wore her little cute slippers and just like dad pulled out the drawer and too out painkillers from the tablet box. She took 2-3 painkillers out from the box and went to the kitchen and gave medicines to her mom and said, “Mom, please take the medicines you will not feel any pain. It will give you some sort of relief.

Her mom took the medicines and her eyes were filled with tears to see her daughter’s caring nature and her innocence. She pampered her daughter and blessed her for this act of kindness and compassion. Rashida moved out as soon as her mom nodded to take medicines.

Suddenly Jasmine’s mother-in-law came from temple to home. So, after seeing all this she immediately went to the kitchen and asked Jasmine, “What happened? Is there any problem? Are you alright? Are you in your pink spirits of health? Are you fine? Rashida told me that she has given a few medicines to you.

My head is aching said Jasmine to her mother-in-law. Jasmine’s voice was very low she could even utter a word due to this pain.

Go and take rest. Just have a nap, said mother in law to Jasmine. I will prepare the food. Don’t take tension about this.

Jasmine said, “But dear mom, you prepared the food in the morning only”. Let me prepare the food this time.

So, what! I will prepare it to gain, it is not such a huge task and if in any case, I need help I will call John. Don’t worry about this. Go! Jasmine goes to her room and takes some rest. Her mother-in-law started picking up vegetables from the basket and started chopping them. Jasmine took a deep breath and was so relieved after hearing this that after all, she could take rest. She remembered while lying on the bed that at her maternal her mother asks her sister-in-law to make food even if she is suffering from fever or pain she was forced to make food. Her mother-in-law is far better than her mom. He was thinking all this when her mother-in-law knocked the room and came inside. She had prepared tea for Jasmine with some masalas and herbs that would cure her headache. She offered tea to Jasmine. While offering a cup of tea her mother-in-law said to Jasmine, “If in any case you are having any issue regarding your health or other things just tell me. I will be always there for you.”

Jasmine nodded after hearing all this from her mother. Her eyes were filled with tears and she cannot control her tears. There were the tears of compassion and kindness of her mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law got worried and asked Jasmine, “What happened?” Are you missing your mom and your home?

No Mom. I was just thinking that why not all mothers-in-law are like you. You are too kind and loveable. Your heart is so soft and you are too caring that no one can ever imagine.

My dear daughter listens, “I am a mom first then your mother-in-law. And before any mom, I am a woman first and therefore I understand all your pain and happiness. I will share all the happy and sad moments with you because I am your mother.

Mother-in-law put her hand on the head of Jasmine and gave her blessing and told her to take rest. Go and sleep for some time my daughter said her mother-in-law to her mother.

Jasmine kept talking with her mother until she falls to sleep. This was her best sleep ever.