Once there was a cart maker named Ujjwalaka. He was very poor because of lack of persons who ordered for such carts. He fed up with his poor condition and days by days his condition detoritated. He was not have enough many to serve his family.
One day when he was alone, he began to thought, “I fade away totally in this poverty. While all others persons have other work to do which provide them enough payment to survive, I don’t have a proper work to do. I don’t have even a good home, or proper clothes or proper food, the basics things of life. So there is no point in staying here anymore, I should go somewhere else to seek success in life.”
As decided the cart maker told his plan to his family and then they left away the town. While they were passing through the jungle they saw a female camel that was in pain. As they approached near to her, he noticed that the female camel was left behind by a caravan due to her labour pains. As he was in pain she could not walk properly. He immediately gave her water and some food to eat. After sometime the female camel recovered and she also gave birth to a baby camel.
After few days, when he found a new home to live, he took the female camel and her baby to his home. He provided them support to live their life with them. And in this way this home became the new home for the camels. The camels were very happy. In due course, the baby camel grew taller and then the cart maker tied a bell in his neck.
The cart maker started selling the milk of the female camel, due to which he able to earn enough money to support his family and live a proper life. After some time he realized that his business was running well and there was much profit in this business. So he needed not to seek another job for his livelihood. And days passed away in this way.
One day the cart maker said to his wife, “Dear, I can support the family by selling the milk of one camel. This job is too easy and profitable also. I decided to borrow some money to a wealthy merchant to buy another camel. For this I have to went away for few days out of home, please take proper care of the camels during that time.”
His wife agreed with him, and within few days he started his journey. After few days as decided he purchased another camel and returned home with the new young camel. He was a lucky person and within few years he has many camels and his business run very well. He even employed a servant to look after the camels and to provide proper assistance to them. He was very happy with his work so he awarded his servant with one baby camel at the end of every year.
In this way within few years the cart maker became a rich person and led a happy life with his family. He took the proper care of the camels and their young ones also, but his favourite camel was the baby camel that he bore the bell around his neck. He loved that baby camel very much and the sound produced by the bell made the cart maker very happy.
Every day, the camels would graze in the nearby jungle and ate the grass there. They drink water from the big lake nearby there and also played there for many hours. And they all returned before sun set.
The young camel that had a bell around his neck always left behind the others. Doe to this the other camels also advised him to keep up with them and if he not to do so he might wander away and lost his way. Despite many advices and warning the young camel did not pay any attention towards them and remained arrogant. He wandered about on his own way as he was their master’s favourite, he had proud on himself very much.
One day while the camels were grazing in the jungle a lion approached there. He was attracted by the sound made by the bell from distance and then he approached there. He carefully observed the group of camels to found out the reason of this sound. As he waited for that moment, he noticed the young camel with a bell around his neck trailing behind and wandered away from the group.
Immediately the lion followed him and approached him. Before the camel could raise a voice to alert the other camels, to protect him the lion jumped on him and killed him at once.

The wise indeed say:

A foolish person who refuses to follow a good advice surely comes to grief.