I will not start my story with Other ordinary stories but like every story it will also end on a good end.

In this story, the main character is a girl and i think she is enough for the whole story. Her name was WIND. Wind has a imagination higher then the clouds. Every day, she would find joy in the simplest things, like watching butterflies flutter and flowers bloom.

One dreamy afternoon, while playing with her grandfather wind had an extraordinary idea. She grabs all her stuff like coloured chalk, paintbrushes, and big sheets of paper. Her grandfather was sitting and wondering what she is going to do. Wind always had her head in another world. A place where her imagination could run free and her dreams could come to life. 

Wind closed her eyes, take a deep breath and let her imagination guide her. she started drawing on the sheets and made a girl touching the clouds with her hands.

Next, she dipped her paintbrush into a palette of vibrant colors and painted a river that wound its way through the valleys. Wind giggled as she added fish and turtles to the river, giving them names and imagining their playful adventures.

Wind’s world become the place where dreams come true where happiness bloomed like flowers, and where everyone was welcome. 

And so, wind taught the world that by embracing our creativity, we can build worlds of wonder and magic.