Pitch black

Today was very horrific day I can’t believe on my eyes

Oh I can’t even believe what I saw .

Me sitting under the table hiding from an unknown identity.

*Footsteps getting closer*

?: U can’t hide from me I can hear your poor broken heartbeat.

Me shivering in fear

He was just in front of me, I can see his legs.

I closed my eyes with my hands all I can see was pitch black.

He was about to bend to see under the table, suddenly the door bell rings.

All I can hear is complete silent

My mind strike on an unfortunate thing

Today is my birthday the person on door must be tae oh no I have to save him.

I ran towards the door but I was too late.

Oh no I saw that entity entering tae’s body

I shouted noo….

Please leave him please

In the next minute taehyung fainted I come near him and lift his head in my hands and put it on my lap.

I was crying so hard …

In next moment 

In next moment 

I fell asleep while crying on the floor 

When I open my eyes

I saw saw taehyung but more handsome and with 

more masculine Vibe is was looking like an angel.

Tae: Hey sweetheart

Y/n: huh? Tae are u okay u look different

Tae: yeh I’m also feeling a new energy inside my body

 and it is very powerful and I like it.

Y/n : is that thing still inside u 

Tae: No it’s not that’s why I’m here with you 

Y/n ran towards him and about to hug him but 

taehyung stops her. And change the topic 

Y/n suspect him 

Y/n: Sorry it all happened because of me but I don’t 

know what happened to u at night. And where did u 

disappear ?

You know how much I was worried about you

Tae: easy love I will answer your every question first 

let’s cut the cake ” happy birthday love”.

Y/n : I thought I’ll never be able to see u but I don’t feel 

like celebrating my birthday my parents haven’t return

 home and they don’t even call me. How can they?

Tae: okay! Then let me make lunch for us?

Y/n: okay!

After some time y/n’s phone rings

?: Hello! Am I talking to Y/n?

Y/n : yes, who?

I’m talking from your parents workplace my name is 

kim soekjin

Y/n: yes, are my parents are still working?

Jin: I’m sorry to telling u this but your parents are no more. I’m sorry y/n 

Y/n: * shocked and here tears started falling down * what? No it can’t be possible noo… 

Jin: u can take your parents body from xxxx hospital.

Tae asking y/n

Tae: what happen why are u crying?

Y/n tell him about here parents

Tae: let me take u to the hospital.

Y/n sobbing

At hospital