Sara was sitting on a stool smiling as she looked at her friends dancing. Sara and her 4 girlfriends were at Goa beach, enjoying their last day of the trip. Sara’s friends were dancing wildly at a beach party they were at. Sara was looking around casually when suddenly her look fell on a guy. Their eye met like a scene in a movie, across the dance floor. They were complete strangers but suddenly they both felt like they were in the right place. Automatically they started walking towards the exit. It was like their minds connected and their souls talked.

Without uttering any words they started walking away from the party and their fingers constantly touched, almost like playing with each other. They started walking towards big rocks and sat there. Waves splashed across their bodies. Sara lay down and he too followed the same. Stars shone more brightly than ever. He faced towards her. Their eyes never lost contact and said millions of things that their lips could never explain. Their heartbeats were so fast and loud that anyone could have heard them. They were so close that he could smell her hairs and she was in love with fragrance of his body. Their body warmth merged into one.  He was totally mesmerized by her beauty which was more enhanced by the moonlight, he touched her face gently and kissed her forehead. She was smitten by his warm presence. They both felt so right. They did not say a word, they did not feel the need to explain their feelings and they both slept soundly holding hands.

In the morning as the sun rose, he opened his eyes and found Sara’s eye already staring at his face. Her smile made this morning the best morning of his life. She felt as if this face would make everything right in this world. They quietly walked towards the road to part ways. As she looked at him for the last time he leaned towards her ears and whispered “This is not the End.”