Sarah and David strolled along the narrow path illuminated by the glow of the moonlight. Yearning for peace and comfort, they relied on nature and decided to go on a weekend getaway to a cabin in a forest they encountered during their trip research.

Sarah and David ventured forward with the sound of the distant hoot of an owl and the crackling sound of the leaves beneath their feet accompanying them in the eerie silence. Sharah could feel shivers down her spine resulting in her shivering. David held her hand firmly to provide comfort.

“Am eager to see the cabin”, Sarah said, trying to shake off her discomfort. “I’ve heard it’s lovely, right?”

David smiled and nodded. “That’s what was mentioned in the reviews, at least. A peaceful and cozy retreat, far from the city’s uproar.”

As they ventured forward, the woods grew denser, and the giant trees towering over them seemed like some Ancient Guardians. Sarah’s heart was racing due to anticipation and with anticipation and a growing feeling of unsettling. The path led them to venture deeper into the wilderness, leaving them doubting their choices.

Eventually, they stumbled upon the cabin—a captivating wooden structure illuminated in the soothing moonlight. They rushed over towards it with a pleasant feeling of relief. They hoped the cabin would be their refuge or, per se, a safehouse from the unsettling and eerie atmosphere of the woods.

They were greeted with a warm and nestled feeling as they entered the cabin. The sound of crackling fire and the smell of burning woods filled the space with a cozy and homely presence. As Sarah grazed upon the rustic charm of their temporary getaway shelter, her tension and stress melted away.

As the night descended, the moon’s pleasant glow entered through the window. After having a pleasant and peaceful dinner, Sarah and David settled in, appreciating the tranquillity of their surroundings. However, despite the idyllic setting, unease lingered in Sarah’s mind.

As a few hours passed, an alarming sound hindered the silence—a shrilled ghostly voice came from the surrounding forest. Sarah froze, overcome with fear; her eyes widened. David hurried towards the window, inspecting the darkness outside.

Sarah whispered with a trembling voice, “What was that?”

David shook his head with his face paled and said, ‘I am not certain; we should stay indoors; it could be a wild animal.”

Sarah nodded reluctantly, with her heart racing in her chest. Together they barricaded the doors and sat on the couch, feeling solace in each other’s embrace. The haunting cries grew louder and more persistent as the minutes turned into hours.

Just as they were contemplating venturing outside to figure out the source of the noise, it ceased abruptly. The woods fell into an eerily silence. Sarah and David shared nervous glances as the tension was almost suffocating.

Unfortunately, the relief was short-lived. A sudden burst of wind opened and rattled the windows with a faint tapping on the glass. Sarah had her breath caught in her throat as she faced the source of the noise.

Through the misted window, a spectral figure appeared—an elderly woman with elongated hollow eyes and a shredded cloak. Her pale face peered inside the cabin, her animal-like claws scratching at the glass.

Sarah screamed, falling down with pure terror and confusion. David pulled Sarah from the window with his face itched in  terror.

The figure vanished as quickly as it appeared, leaving Sarah and David in pure terror and disbelief as they glanced at each other. They knew they had to escape as quickly as possible.

Gathering all the belongings they could, they rushed towards the door, flinging it open. Their path was illuminated by the moonlight guiding their fraying steps as they ran towards safety. The tree branches were obstructing their escape as if they were all conspir

ing against them.

At last, they escaped from the tree lines as the cabin stood behind them, surrounded in darkness with its secrets sealed forever. Sarah and David ran into a road

and took a lift from a car.

As they left, Sarah looked back at the cabin in the moonlight with a heavy heart. Despite escaping, the memory of that haunting night would remain with them, serving as a chilling reminder of the hidden terrors within the forest.