Once there was human like no other, one who kept his promise even in the face of death, one who was the greatest warrior of all time. He was not scared, didn’t change a word of his promise even when Lord Krishna asked him to stop, he was none other than the great “Bhishm pitahma” originally named as” Devrata”. He was the eldest son of King Shantanu and goddess Ganga.The  fierce  vow that he made to his step-mother is remembered till date ,Devavrata ceded his rights to the throne and promised to put the son of Satyavati on the throne of the kingdom , won’t marry anyone and would always live like a loyal servant to the throne and the king. He was so keen to keep his promise that he did not stop his grandsons from doing unreligious things , which led to the greatest war of all time ” THE BATTLE OF KURUKSHETRA” .

He could have easily broken the vow and would have lead a luxurious life with getting married and  having kids  , with all the strength , wisdom , courage and power he had , he could lead his kingdom towards prosperity and peace but his promise doomed everything , his whole family tree collapsed and nothing remained but life lessons for the upcoming generations.

Today people can’t keep their promise for a second but when we think about this warrior from the past , he remind us of determination, strength and power but alongwith humbleness  , kindness , selflessness. He was not arrogant about having so much of power , he was protective about his kingdom and towards the vow he made decades ago.

This story gives us a lesson that even a man so powerful could scramble like that , we are nothing so learn to be humble no matter what the situation is.