Singing softly, songs of joy

Though summer, autumn, and spring

Swishing slowly to and fro

The Leaves in the wind.

Whispering beautiful words

That flow out cool and green

Beckoning with silent cries,

Hundreds of lips unseen.

With their sturdy, woody hands

They show the lost their way

And only the one who knows them

Can hear what they say.

Some fly miles and miles past

Some stay in the ever same place

Basking in the glory of the golden sun,

Spattering through the leafy maze.

Whispers echo through the lonely wood

The shadows on the ground quivering

Pleasant dreams and the cool breeze

Green leaves shivering.

Where the rays and the darkness,

The cool and the rushes of warmth together blend

The whisper of the leaves, their message,

To an unknown destination send.