The Universe plays a Hide & Seek in every human being’s life. But what happens here in the story is somewhat different.


Chapter 1: Childhood Hide & Seek

Year: 1994

Place: Pallavaram, Chennai, India

It was a summer evening in the town of Pallavaram. Silaikalvan and Shamprasad were playing in the streets. Silaikalvan was 14 years old and Shamprasad was 8 years old.

Both of them belonged to different age group.

But, they always hanged out together while playing on streets.

Shamprasad had been to shopping to buy toys during the forenoon of the same day. Sham bought a toy water gun; hence he was in an excitement to use it on some of his friends.

Hence Sham came running towards the house of Silaikalvan with his water gun filled with water.

Silaikalvan saw him running towards his house from the balcony. Both of their eyes got connected. Silaikalvan got alerted and prepared himself to run and the game started. It was a different kind of hide and seek.

Sham was chasing and Silaikalvan was running.

They ran through many houses and broke many flowerpots.

The game was going for around 1 hour, but still sham was not able to use his water gun towards Silaikalvan.

At last, Silaikalvan ended in a street of a dead end, and he needed to take a U-Turn to run. Sham blocked him there and pulled the trigger of the water gun.



Silaikalvan got himself wet all over his clothes.

Shamprasad said, “At last…I got you…!”

Chapter 2: Adult’s Hide and Seek

Year: 2020

Place: Gingee, TamilNadu, India

It was a secret place behind the hills of Gingee.

The notorious underworld don Silaikalvan was hiding there.

Silaikalvan’s hide out was like a lion’s den.

It had a lot of updated technologies like computer, internet, etc.

Silaikalvan had around 100 armed guards around his den. Even the public around nearby town was not aware that there was a secret den which had armed guards.

Silaikalvan took that much care in building his army and hideout by maintaining confidentiality.

Silaikalvan used his team for thefts, real estate, money laundering, etc.

For many of the politicians, he was a nightmare, but they don’t know who was doing these activities.

Many times, suspicion will fall on any wrong organizations doing a crime.

Silaikalvan used that to escape in the earlier stage.

But later he developed it as a strategy to cheat the Police, Politicians, and the government.

Thus, nobody knew the existence of Silaikalvan.

People assumed that there existed a black god.

And it executed all the thefts, murders, and money laundering.

It was an unforgettable night, Silaikalvan was working on his table and it was night 11.30 p.m.

By that time the phone on his table rang.

Silaikalvan picked up the call and said, “Hello”

The other end said, “Sir, I am agent B13, we have an emergency”

Silaikalvan said,” what kind of emergency?”

B13 said,” We got information that armed police troops are heading towards our quarters”

Silaikalvan exclaimed, “What..? How…Man?”

B13 said,” Sir… I have no idea…but what I know is that some new cop has come to Gingee town today morning”

Silaikalvan said,” what is his name?”

B13 Said,” No Idea sir….they have already planned it…”

B13 informed, “They are giving us a direct hit without warning”

Silaikalvan said,” what…? How many of them?”

B13 said, “Sir they may be more than 500”

Silaikalvan said,” 500…how is it, possible man, we have the first class technology”

Silaikalvan asked, “How did they appoint 500 to hunt us?”

B13 said,” Yes sir, it seems they know our strengths and weakness already…it is just like that”

Silaikalvan said,” oh my god! then there should be an informer in our team”

B13 said,” Sir, the time is running out, we don’t have to find the black sheep”

B13 asked, “what is your order to our team…are we fighting or running away?”

Silaikalvan said,” Fighting cannot be possible man…ask them to escape wherever possible”

B13 said, “Sir they have rounded up”

Gunshots exploded out on the other side, “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Silaikalvan said,” Hello…! Hello…! Hello…!”

B13 was dead on the other end.

Silaikalvan packed some money in his suitcase and urged to move out of his room.

At that time he heard a lot of footsteps running towards his room.

He just stopped and dropped his gun, knowing that there is no other go, except to surrender to the police.

As he expected the police broke through his room and they were in arms. He lifted his hands up and showed a symbol of surrender.

The group rounded him and after a while, there was a silence. The silence was broken by footsteps which came from the veranda. The footsteps came headed towards his room.

Silaikalvan assessed that it could be the new appointed police officer.

A bold man entered the room with a gun in one hand and handcuffs in other hand aiming at Silaikalvan.



He said, “This is Inspector Sham Prasad and Mr.Silaikalvan…You are under arrest!”

Silaikalvan got a thunderbolt in his mind. It was the same Sham Prasad, who chased him during his childhood with a water gun has now come to arrest him.

He remembered the day when Sham cornered him in a dead-end and sprayed the water using water gun.

Both of their eyes got connected. There was a smile in each of their faces.

There was a realization in their mind and body which was beyond the understanding of others. Both of them laughed together.

Chapter 3: Eternal Hide and Seek

Next day morning, it was a tea shop near the Gingee Police station.

Two constables Salai Subramaniyam and Hari Prasad were having a conversation.

Salai Subramaniyam said,” Sham has made a bold move by arresting Don Silaikalvan”

Hari Prasad said,” yes man…they even encountered many of his men”

Salai said, “Even it seems that they were old friends, but sham has taken this bold action”

Hari said,” Yes man…he is a bold guy”

Salai said, “But we are in this area for many years”

Salai asked,” how come this newcomer sham identified the place…I cannot understand that?”

Hari said,” I was with this Sham only when a phone call came to him”

Hari said, “An informer told everything about the hideout of Silaikalvan”

Hari said, “The total number of people in his team, etc.., blah blah…”

Salai said,” what? An informer…I know all the informers in this surrounding…who is he?”

Hari said,” but you don’t know this guy…even I don’t know…why…nobody knows about him”

Salai said, “What…?”

Hari said,” Yes man it was an anonymous call, and we got all the details of Silaikalvan’s place”

Hari said,” after that, the mobile number of the informer was not reachable”

Hari said, “It seems that the informer destroyed the sim card

After speaking with us and escaped somewhere”

Salai said,” what…he informed you and destroyed the sim card and escaped away?

Hari said,” Yes…we have limited information about him…but don’t know his present whereabouts”

Salai said,” What clue do we have?”

Hari said,” While speaking he said his name and address”

Hari said, “but he is not residing there now”

Hari Said, “the address proof for that sim card is matching with that address”

Salai said,” He escaped from there also…so he has planned it neat”

Hari said, “yes, it is on the whole his game…we are all role players”

Salai said,” what was the name he said while speaking?”

Hari said, “The name he said was Sharath”

Moral of the Story:

Many times our childhood plays reoccur in our life by taking various forms. The universal nature is beyond the understanding of humans. There is an Eternal Hide & Seek happening in the universe every day.