Youngster Parth Gaikwad, who is from the village of Shegaon, has always hoped to follow his interest for computer science. His admission to Pune Vishwakarma University for a B.Tech in Computer Science gave him the chance to finally realise his aspirations. As he prepared his belongings and said goodbye to his family, excitement filled his heart.

Parth was welcomed to the university by the splendour of the expansive campus. He experienced a mixture of wonder and anxiety as he observed the majestic structures, the lush green lawns, and the humming students. As he prepared to begin this new chapter of his life, he soon made himself at home in his hostel room.

The Vishwakarma Boys’ Hostel, where Parth slept, had a spooky past. According to urban legend, the structure was formerly a mental hospital that was closed down because of weird and mysterious events decades ago. Some people discounted these stories as mere fantasy, while others couldn’t help but feel uneasy whenever they entered the hostel.

Parth spent his first night in his room lying in bed, attempting to get used to the strange surroundings. A strange creaking sound, as if someone were strolling outside his door, disturbed the silence. He put it down to the anxieties of being in a strange environment and disregarded it as his imagination going crazy.

Weeks passed, and Parth began to notice strange occurrences. Things would disappear and later turn up in unexpected places. In the hallways, strange whispers echoed, and shadows danced in the corners of his eyes. Reason and dread started to clash in Parth’s head.

Parth was studying late one night in the common area when he heard a spine-chilling scream echo throughout the dorm. The basement was a dangerous place where nobody dared to go, and the scream appeared to be coming from there. Parth grabbed a torch and summoned the bravery to investigate despite his shaking hands.

The atmosphere turned chilly as he went down the steps, and a sense of dread enveloped him. The basement had weak lighting and vast hallways that led nowhere. The abandoned room’s flaking paint and worn-out furniture were made visible by Parth’s illumination.

Parth’s heart beat louder in his chest with each step. He abruptly noticed a man at the end of the passageway. It was a woman with long, untidy hair who was wearing ragged white clothing. As he watched her vanish into thin air, Parth’s voice became stuck in his throat.

Parth was so terrified that he ran back up the stairs while making a promise to never go down again. However, the event had awoken a sinister force in the hostel. Increased paranormal activity transformed the previously tranquil nights into an endless horror.Parth was sleeping one night when he heard a whisper in his ear that was so close to him that it felt like someone was breathing on his neck. The voice screamed, “Leave this place, Parth. “Leave now, before it’s too late.” The voice belonged to a former resident of the hostel who had disappeared years earlier.

Parth packed his items while his heart was racing and made the decision to take the advice. The doors, however, slammed shut as he was trying to leave, trapping him inside. He desperately tried every window and door, but they were all sealed shut, as if he were being held captive by an invisible force.

Weeks passed into days, and Parth’s mental stability began to deteriorate. His head was filled with whispers accusing him of invading the spirits’ space. Shadows danced, changing into hideous shapes that teased him constantly. With each passing moment, Parth’s grasp on reality weakened more.

Then, on that fateful night, a chilly breeze blew through the hostel as Parth sat by himself in his room. Unsettling shadows were thrown on the walls when the lights flickered. Parth was startled to see a line of spectral creatures marching down the hallway, their eyes empty and full of agony.

Parth panicked as he realised the hostel was a jail for lost souls who were plagued by terrible memories. Parth’s appeals for aid were drowned out by their wails and moans, which reverberated throughout the structure. He appeared to have no way out of the nightmare from which he was imprisoned.

Parth deteriorated into a mere shell of his former self as the days and months passed. His body and spirit had been taken by the hostel. His hopes for a prosperous future were dashed, and the terrible reality of the paranormal took their place.

Thus, Parth Gaikwad’s mythology added a new chapter to the Vishwakarma Boys’ Hostel’s eerie past. He was perpetually imprisoned in a realm where the living and the dead coexisted, and his fate was entwined with the spirits that wandered its corridors. All who dared to enter the hostel would remain haunted by its horrors, a perpetual reminder of the evil that lingered within its walls.