Hey, can I sit here? asked Nidhi to a woman in the park. The woman looked at Nidhi, smiled and replied nothing. Nidhi anyway sat there for like an hour speaking not even a single word to the woman. And that beautiful winter evening made her forget the time. It slowly started raining and the tiny droplets of the rain is all Nidhi really wanted. Nidhi is a studious girl and now she is really under exam pressure. When she thought of returning to the home as it is already getting late and roads became darker, she looked at the woman, maybe just to say a bye or to smile at her. But then she was a little shocked seeing the woman crying silently. 

Hey, “why are you crying” asked Nidhi. The woman said nothing. Nidhi said, “you really look like my sister who married a year ago and is with her husband, I really miss her”. The woman smiled a little and said “Oh really, I come here daily, when you miss your sister come to me”. Nidhi smiles and asks okay tell me now why are you crying? The woman says, with tears filling her eyes, a year ago at this time I and my husband were just laughing our hearts out sitting on this same bench. We were talking about our lives, future, our children, our dream home, our little garden and everything that the world would give us. But God planned something different. That night around 11’o clock I just saw my world falling down and did nothing, he died of a sudden cardiac arrest. Everything around me just shattered and months passed by. And I wonder now how time changes everything, but I’m happy now. As the woman speaks, Nidhi was already crying listening to her. The woman says, oh its 8’o clock your parents might be waiting for you we’ll go now and meet tomorrow at the same bench. “There’s nobody waiting for me at home, I lost my parents too in an accident and now please don’t feel sorry about that”, says Nidhi smiling. Okay, “would you mind joining me for the dinner”? asks the woman. Nidhi smiles and says nothing. They both walks together as the rain becomes heavy.