Raghav is a 9-year-old boy. Raghav’s nature is calm and peaceful. He always lived by himself. For this reason, he did not have any special friends in class. One day he met Angel. Angel is a dog left alone by his owner and goes abroad. One day

Raghav is returning home from school

As he looked at Angel, the man in the car said to her don’t cry, I will come soon. The car was missing, now he saw tears in Angel’s eyes. He then left for home. He is sitting on the couch in an unhappy mood

Raghav’s mother asked Raghav that

Why are you so upset, son? Get out and play with your friends, and then come back.

Raghav says Mummy No mummy I don’t have any friends here I want to stay at home

Then his mother told him, No son, how will they become your friends until you talk with them

And that’s how she sends him to play outside.


Raghav saw some boys bothering Angel.

(Angel is a dog)


Raghav to the other boys

What are you people doing, why are you bothering this poor dog then other boys ask Raghav what’s with you? She is your pet?


Yes, she is mine, Angel.

And after hearing this, those boys went away.

Will you come home with me, Angel?

Angel looks at Raghav, then Raghav takes Angel with him to his house.

After some days,

Raghav has now started to be very happy, seeing that his parents also feel very happy.

Raghav played a lot with Angel. But Angel still misses her master.

And she used to go to the same place every day where her master left her for the last time.

One night Raghav wakes up from sleep and sees that Angel is not in the house. Throughout the house, Raghav searches for Angel.

Raghav with a tense voice

Mom and Dad will come soon.

Raghav’s mom asked him what happened. Raghav said Mom I did not find an angel in the whole house.

Can you tell me where she is? Have you seen her?

The mother of Raghav does not have a son, I thought she was with you.

Raghav cries for Angel and searches for her everywhere

Raghav remembers where Angel was. Raghav returns to the same place in the heavy rain where Angel’s owner left her last time.

Raghav sees that she waits for her master in the heavy rain.


Raghav told Angel.

Let’s go home, Angel. Raghav tries so hard that Angel will wake up and come with him but she didn’t wake up yet. Raghav touched angel’s body and sees Angel has a very high fever Raghav removes his jacket

And cover the angel and sleep beside her

It is morning

now angel saw Raghav beside her & she kissed him with her tongue, and both looked at each other. And

Angel came back with Raghav and played with him again at Raghav’s house.

 Angel’s owner has returned from abroad.


Angel’s owner saw the angel with Raghav in the market.

Angel also saw his owner.

Angel runs to his owner after seeing him.

And her owner took Angel back to his house

Seeing this, Raghav rushes to his home.

Raghav is sleeping and there is a loud gate ringing

And at the gate, only Angel is there

In fact, Angel ran away from her owner’s house and came to Raghav because she missed him, and because she used to live with Raghav.