In a stormy windy night Jamie was returning to his home from work . His wife Jane and his little boy were waiting for him to have dinner together. After few minutes Jaime reached home and they started having their family dinner enjoying and gossiping , but suddenly Jaime got a Call from the research centre, “Hey! Jaime we need you here it’s very urgent and important come back here ” . Before he could ask something why they called him this late , what they were talking about? The phone got disconnected. Jamie rushed to the research centre.

When he reached the centre he saw that each and every member of his team was present there . Jamie was like What’s the deal ! . Jamie Jamie’ jamie , Ser Mike called him . What happened Mike ? Why everyone is gathered here this late? When u left for home we were also leaving , but saw a bright light in the sky at first we thought that it was an aircraft but for god’s sake it was damn big!! So we use the telescope to see it and u won’t believe what we saw !!! It was an real spaceship but was on fire it headed south, so most probably it will crash in Antarctica or nearby it’s coast.” Jaime couldn’t even imagine in his wildest dreams that he will get a sight of real spaceship! He was in regret that he missed the most rare event which is happening for the first time in human history. So he decided to depart for Antarctica within a day , he told his members ( as it was consist of only 5 members) guys be ready we are heading to Antarctica tommorow . Mike was kind of scared because out of no where Jaime decided to leave for Antarctica, without proper investigation or any knowledge! So he asked him , “Jaime are u sure that we are not informing this to government?? It’s not the legal way ! “. But Jaime never intended to tell government about this ,” Mike we couldn’t let it out we have to keep it secret within ourselves if they found out that we are faking rumours and it was all a lie! Then things can get worst, so be ready we are leaving tommorow this is the day a human never dreamed of and we are going to observe it!”

The unknown aircraft which every human thinks didn’t exist finally crashed in the earth , the outer space beings which human think don’t exist it’s now finally exists. This is the first time in Earth’s history that it will observe something extra ordinary.

After discussing with his members about the departure he went home , took a bath, got freshed and started packing up his stuffs . Jane found it weird the way he rushed to the research centre, then came rushing back again took a bath and started packing his stuffs, she asked – ” honey? What happened? Why are packing up your stuffs, are u heading somewhere? And why they called you this late at night? . Although Jaime couldn’t answer her about what happened and what he heard and where’s he heading because he was still in doubt, he didn’t saw the spaceship it was his friends who saw it . He told Jane that he’s departing to an island for some research works , he will be back soon.

The sun was shining , five of them were ready at the harbour to sail off . Everyone boarded the ship , Jaime gave the call and the ship started moving. It will take 2 days to reach Antarctica. No one’s know what difficulties they are going to face during this travel, they all were thrilled and excited to discover this unknown outer space being.

“Ship started moving slowly, left the harbour and moved to the sea”