The king,riding through the town of hamelin,came across a peasant and become curious about peasant’s earnings.He decided to engage in a conversation and asked the peasant ,how much do you earn?   Four coins a day, Your Majesty!the man replied.And how do you spend your four coins?One on myself ,one I give in gratitude, one I give back and one I give on interest.The king was puzzled.He asked the man to explain.One part of the money I spend on myself said the man, one part on my wife because I am grateful for all that she does for us ,one parton my aged parents for all that they did for me and one part on our children because I hope they will pay me back by looking after me and my wife in our old age.The king ,impressed by peasant ‘s riddle like answer.But please keep the answer a secret untill you have seen my face hundred times said the king.He asked his ministers to solve the riddle.Despite their efforts ,they couldn’t find the right answer.However one clever minister,realizing that the peasant might have shared the answer with someone else ,approached the man privately.The minister offered him 100 coins as an incentive to reveal the answer ,and the man agreed.With the answer in hand,the minister went back to the king and presented it.However ,the king knowing the true answer already questioned the man’s decision to share it without having seen his face hundred times as agreed.The man’s clever response revealed that he had already seen the king’s face a hundred times on the coins the minister had given him as a bribe.Impressed by the man’s wit and honesty ,the king rewarded him generously for his intelligence and for keeping the secret untill the appropriate moment.