Unpacking and getting things in the right place is the most unexciting thing in this whole world. Classes would begin the next day. Back to college and the usual boring classes didn’t interest me anymore. But those besties and campus can make your life more better. While I was thinking about all these somebody knocked on the door. It might me the home owner, that arrogant man with a big moustache who knocks on the door the first Sunday of every month. I opened the door and there he was expecting for the rent. I  gave the money and he just giggled at me.

“I have brought keys of the cupboard of that big room Pooja. I hope it helps you”

“Yeah sure, Thank you. Where is Renu aunty. Is she okay now?”

“Yeah she is fine now. If you want any help give me a call. Take care beta…”

Finally he have got me something useful. I started to organize everything. This time I  brought some novels to read. Owner Uncle has given me three keys but I have found only two almirahs and have filled all my stuffs there. Suddenly I heard a strange sound. It was coming from the left corner of the room near to the windows. And there I found the third small cupboard. Such a cute wooden almirah it was.  I took out the keys to open it but again that strange noise was heard. And this time it became clear that it came out from that small almirah. But somehow I gained the courage to open it.  I couldn’t as the key got stuck. The following days saw full of strange happenings. The sound continued to annoy me. It was terrible and I felt lonely.  I called mom to share these and she consoled me. She promised to visit me as soon as possible. 

I was about to keep alarm for the next day when I heard that sound once again. This time the sound was soo loud and intense that I couldn’t bear it anymore.  I decided to open that almirah somehow. I summoned all my strength and opened the shelf and a splash of water came to my face with an annoying sound. I thought I died out of suffocation. 

“Pooja, wake up, It’s already time. Otherwise you will  miss the train.”

I suddenly woke up to realize that it was a dream. I was pondering on my dream for the whole day. How one can see a dream in a very sequential manner. I  couldn’t understand and it seemed very ‘strange’. The splash of water thrown at me was real because I was drenched when I woke up. Mom have told me that she have thrown water to wake me up as I was not waking up despite continuous alarm.  It was  a dreadful dream for me. But anyway I’m happy that I got something interesting to share with my friends after a long vacation!!!