In a village called Gangapur, there was a milk merchant whose name was suman and he had a seven-year-old daughter named as jyothi. She used to go door to door to pour the milk and she was studying in small school nearby. She was a very active child since her young age, and very helpful to her father.

One day a new teacher comes to jyothi’s village. She goes to teacher’s house and pour the milk after that she goes to school. Everyone is sitting in their class and new teacher was  introducing himself as srinivas. He started teaching the students and few days passed. One morning jyothi came to know that the new teacher was taking the tuition in his home with free of cost. Jyothi went the teacher’s house to pour the milk and teacher asked her some questions . With confidence,she answered all the questions correctly even though she was in class 2. One day,due to heavy rainfall with effect of storms and winds, jyothi hunt and cow shed were collapsed and the whole village washed away by floods. The new teacher had known the incident and helped the jyothi’s father to buy the cows and start their business again. Suman conveyed  his thanks and teacher had left their town due to his transfer.

After few days passed, jyothi became the doctor and gave free treatment to the poor without charging any fee. She was also known as famous surgeon who had saved many lives. When she reached to her home, she got a call from her senior doctor who requested to help his surgery as it was critical. She continued her journey , it started drizzling and heavy rain even the path was invisible.It’s seems more difficult to move forward  but she took off-road, at some distance the car was stuck in the mud. Meanwhile a man holding a lamp came and told to stay in his master’s house. When she entered , observed a person suffering from dreadful disease. She started the treatment and  went to meet the senior doctor found that surgery was successful.She returned back to master’s house and recognized him as her teacher who helped her father. She conveyed the thanks for his help and teacher was proud of her.She convinced him and took with her, treated like her father till last day.