It was a warm March morning for Anusha. It was 6 in the morning when her nephew woke her up. The cute little, dark haired extra chubby evil, Anusha loved him more than anything. She lived for him.

Anusha lived with her 5 year old nephew Kabir and her boyfriend Rishabh  in Mandi house. Delhi had always been close to Anusha especially Mandi house, that’s why she decided to settle here a couple years ago after taking a analyst job in the ministry of external affairs.

Everything was going as usual, a beautiful Sunday where Rishabh was cooking omlette and Anusha was struggling with Kabir to take a bath. And suddenly it was the sound that took the joy from Anusha face . It was so loud, the whole neighborhood felt shocks. 

Anusha grabbed her phone and started dialling while looking out of the window. Anusha was unaware of her state, she was pale , cold sweat on her forehead and fear visible in her eyes. She turned to look for Kabir . She saw him clinging to her boyfriend, while Rishabh was looking at her , concerned.

After a couple of unattended calls she finally heard a voice. 


“What the hell was that?” Her voice trembled.

” Things are not good ” the person on the other side started sobbing. Anusha got anxious, “Ashish , tell me what happened”

Ashish managed to say while sobbing, ” The guest house is gone . Everyone’s dead. It been bombed. “

Anusha was in utter shock. She was numb for a couple minutes but then the senses kicked in. 

” We need to go.NOW”

Rishabh’s worst nightmare was there , back again. He always hoped that Anusha’s previous life would never come back , not when Kabir is so close to them.  He made sure that it won’t, but.

Rishabh and Anusha started packing. They packed light but essential things. Kabir was fiercely ordered by Anusha to eat his omlette. 

Kabir kept on asking what was going on and where were they going. To be honest neither of them knew. They were pretty sure that this day would never come, they had left everything behind but here they were ready to run again. 

They came down the elevator to the parking lot and got into the car and rishabh started driving. He asked , ” someplace in mind?”

” No , i don’t know, just far from here” Anusha was going through her phone. She was trying to find a contact number, someone to ask help for.

The pure innocent soul in the backseat was worried about something else. He was very careful while speaking, ” Are we going on a vacation because I have to go to school tomorrow. Tomorrow is grand parents day at school. I know I don’t have one but i love Anek’s grandfather.” 

Anusha was too consumed with her phone but rishabh heard that. He knew what he had do, he had the answer to where to go. But he knew very well if Anusha finds, she would never agree to him . But it was the best chance they had.

He started driving towards the Delhi – dehradun highway. To Kabir’s grandparents. 

To Anusha’s Godfather’s house.