And his lie made his situation worst…….!So, never lie to your loved ones. Ending her story this way…… grandma forced her grandson Kanishka to sleep because it’s already been 12 o clock of night.

Kanishka was listening her story in a very concentrated manner and agreed to do so.

Ping pong.!!….the bus is giving horn son. Fast, you are getting late! Next day…his mom screamed because he is getting late for school. Kanishka packed his tiffin and made his school bag ready. 

Bye mom! Bye grandma!…..saying this he went to the bus for school. In the bus he saw a new person sitting in front of him. He was new conductor of that bus.

He came and sat next to him. That man moved his hand forward and what? Kanishka saw a lot of chocolates in his hand. Oh wow! These are all for me uncle?

Yes! Take these. But promise me one thing you will never talk about this with anyone. I will give you more and make you see the magic world full of chocolates. Kanishka, a first class boy frightened a little bit and remembered all the stories said by his grandmother. But then he thought that even he is a bus conductor of his school bus and took all the chocolates and thanked to him. 

At 3 pm, he reached home and saw that everyone is panicked and seeing t.v in a concentrated manner. 

He jumped in tha lap of his grandmother and asked what happened grandma? 

Grandmother told him that his classmate is missing. What grandma? Missing means? Grandma cleared all his questions and told him that never involve in stranger’s talk. 

He remembered that bus conductor quickly who gave him all the chocolates. But didnt told about him to his grandmother as he promised that man to keep this secret. 

Next day! He came from school and again heard that news of missing of classmate. This time he panicked and thought the behaviour of that man. But he wanted to go the magic world as promised by the man. Then he striked the story of his grandmother that said never lie to your loved ones.

 He went to his grandmother and told all the story that had happened previously.

His grandmother called the police and told them all. 

Another day…..the news came that the man was the culprit and he was arrested by the police  as he kidnapped two of his classmates by making them greedy through chocolates.

Kanishka and his mom now feeling proud of him as he didnt only save himself but other students too by saying the truth.

So, sometimes our grandparents tell the moral of life through their stories. Always listen to them and follow them. 

Never lie to your loved ones!.