It was a day of new moon, the whole neighbourhood was under the influence of darkness but there was a house from which light was emanating like its fulfilling the need of the Moon, It was the Sahiba’s wedding, bright and twinkling lights were subtended from the roof till the first floor’s height, and in their, rooms were decorated with garlands all over, the bride sitting in the room weaving the dreams of a happy married life her two sisters making her blush over and over again, the beauty of the bride was flowing like the beauty of water over the fall, it was like the moon had left its orbit and landed in that room, suddenly there was a knock at the door, someone called the bride,

Sahiba, Sahiba…

Her younger sister turned towards the door and on opening it

It was her mother at the door with a necklace in a white plate surrounded by  rose petals,

Sahiba’s Mom : Kitni sundar lag rahi hai meri phool si bacchi

Sahiba replied with a slight blush over her face making her face more and more exquisite, Sahiba’s mom on seeing her beautiful daughter’s beauty multiplying with each expression.

Sahiba’s Mom : Meri bachhi ko kisi ki nazar….

Sahiba’s Sister (Saniya) : Are Ma tum chinta na karo humlog Didi ko kisi ki nazar lagne thode denge 

With this statement all of them burst into a laughter except Sahiba who disguised her laugh with a crescent smile.

Shahiba’s Mom : Chalo ab baatein kam karo baraat kabhi bhi aati hogi, Sahiba beta ye haar pehan lo ye tumhari nani ne mujhe meri shadi ke din pehnaya tha aur ab mai tumhe de rahi hu, chalo aao aaine ke samne baith jao

Sahiba got up from the bed and move towards the chair in front of the mirror, her sisters hold her lehenga so it cannot be rubbed over the ground.

Saniya : Aaj to didi jaate jaate khoob kaam kara legi

Shafira : Are to aise hi thode na jaane denge pehle apna sara saaman hum dono ko barabar se deke fir hi jayegi

Sahiba’s Mom helped Sahiba to sit on the chair without disrupting the way she was dressed. Sahiba’s Mom took the necklace from the plate and put it around Sahiba’s neck, the necklace around Sahiba’s neck was like a rainbow in the bright sky.

Shahiba’s Mom : Ab lag rahi hai na meri bacchi Jannat ki pari, achha Saniya, Shafira tum log yahan dhyan dena mai thoda neeche jaa rahi hu dekhne ki sb kaise ho raha.

Sahiba’s Mom turned towards the door,

Saniya: Are mummy necklace me gulaab ki ek pankhudi phasi reh gayi usse to hata deti

Shafira : Ruko hum nikaal dete hai aap jaao

The moment Shafira approached Sahiba to remove the rose petal, she experienced something, Sahiba was murmuring something, her lips were moving continuously but with a voice too low,

Shafira: Kya hua didi kya keh rahi ho aap?

Sahiba didn’t replied and continued murmuring

Shafira : Didi kya hua kya bol rahi ho aap

After saying this Shafira put her hand over Sahiba’s shoulder

Sahiba : Door raho mujhse

Sahiba Shouted at her with tone of voice that is so unusual for a slow and calm speaking girl like Sahiba, her mother who was halfway to the door turned towards Sahiba with a confusion all over her face, whereas Shafira’s hand was trembling with fear, anxiety, confusion and with so many emotions that can be seen into her wide open eyes. That was not the Sahiba they knew, this can never be her Sister, the questions that arise in everyone’s mind was what happened to her, A girl who was smiling a bit before is now behaving in a way that everyone is scared,

To be Continued………