Everybody is different  and all of them have different problems, but have you ever wondered why any person is never always happy or have the perfect life..come let’s find out..

You know when I was a child I had everything a happy life, good friends, a family who would fulfill all my wishes but one thing that was missing was my mental peace which is missing even now but still trying to be better. And I would not let anyone know that because then I thought nobody will understand that and even if I asked myself what I want I would become clueless because whatever I did never made me satisfied and then came a phase when I felt like I am not happy because of other people around me and not because of myself. That was very easy then to blame others but now when I look back I feel why did I made that mistake.  At that time I didn’t even know that how is it going to even get better because other people are not under my control and what should I do to change them, but still I tried everything to make others happy and satisfied with me..but it was still pinching me..then one day I stopped trying and started reacting to what other’s would think and say to me which was even a worse decision.!!

But now I know why I felt that way then, we always have the tendency of noticing other’s behaviour but  the one important thing we often forget about is, our own mindset. We have to  know that no matter what others say or do it will never impact our life unless and until we allow that to affect us. 

Looking for a perfect life doesn’t need to be tangible or seen by others, perfection in life comes from within which we choose ourselves. And those who are looking out for a perfect life have to implement this no matter what, because the only thing we can do is to manage how we choose to react to other people’s opinion and actions and that’s how we manage to get mental peace which leads us to a perfect life..:)