Once upon a time, in a really well developed city named Hyrule, where reside many wealthy people, a rich man with the name of Link was living his life happily with his great prosperity and wealth. The only thing that worried him was within him, his increasing weight. While the biggest locker available in the city of Hyrule were filled by his wealth, he was incapable of doing the simplest things for a human being. Carrying weights, climbing stairs, etc. were an impossible task for him. 

Exhausted by questions of him on his own capabilities, he decided to get an appointment of the greatest doctor in his city, Doc. Rusk. Rusk was asked to treat the rich man with his problem with a trade of immense wealth.  Despite many diets, tiring workouts and medicines prescribed by Rusk, there was no affect on the “so-immortal” fat of Mr. Link. He felt helpless and defeated.  Even though his family gave him enough support, it all went in vain when the greatest doctor was also accepting his defeat.

Link observed how these month of immense worry-ness went. Finding the source of this issue, he managed to take his mind back to the past when a random stranger said that he was fat, a few months before. Even though he was living his life at its best, not worrying about his obesity as he was not feelings it’s presence at all, he became conscious about his health and his mind only forced him to think about the negative aspects of himself. Ignoring the fact that he was hardworking enough than most of the people, which made him so rich, thinking about his obesity just diverted his mind. He realized that focusing on the comments made by the world should not affect one’s mental health. Loving oneself as the way they are is the most important aspect of maintaining happiness. Even though, Mr. Link is fat but he is hardworking, kind and has a loving family. He is happy in his own aura.  

Thus , making a last appointment with Doc. Rusk, he explained everything how he felt. Even though nothing changed with his waste attempts, he realized the true essence of self-acceptance and staying happy rather than being worried about material possessions or achieving perfection in physique. Thus, the tale of Link, the man who was not struggling with obesity but with the feeling of instability, became an inspiring story of self-discovery and self-love. It proved as a reminder that  happiness is not dependent on external factors but is in the depths of the human spirit. 


  1. Anoushka Dutta

    This story is about a wealthy man named Link who lived in the city of Hyryle , despite of possesing all the wealth, there was a problem with him which made basic tasks ( like climbing stairs, walking etc) impossible , his increasing weight.
    Tired of people doubting his abilities, one day he decides to go to the best doctor to get treated, the doc prescribes him the medicines, diets and workouts that would cure him.
    After doing all the things told by the doc he sees that nothing seems to change, he starts feeling helpless after seeing the doc losing hope even though his family gave him enough support.
    He then tries to remember the reason of his misery and recalls the day he was commented by a man on his shape and how it made it feel. He then contemplates how a word from a stranger had such an impact on him. He remembered that apart from his obesity he was a nice and hardworking person who had a supportive family who loved him anway.
    Atlast he finally accepts him self and realizes happiness is more about loving yourself and the ones around you and not the material possessions or achieving perfect physique.

    This story tells us about the importance of how happiness within brings peace and prosperity around. It wasn’t a story of success but of acceptance and how peace of mind shouldn’t be effected by external factors is and found in the mind itself.