Once upon a time there lived a sage named Deva Sharma. He lived in a huge temple that was present in the outer area of a town. He was widely known and a respectable person. People often visited him for his blessing. They offer him many things such as gifts, food, money. The sage did not caring the emotions of peoples and sold the things which were not of his use.

Nobody knew that he did not trust any person. He kept all his money in a bag and carried it with him all time.

One day a swindler came across the sage and he realised that surely this bag contain a lot of money. He planned for stealing the bag but he did not get a suitable idea for stealing the bag. So he decided to charm the sage by his sweet words and to convince the sage to accept him as his disciple. He thought when he win the confidence of the sage he also get an opportunity to steal the bag.

After few days the swindler approached the sage with the words Om Namah Shivaya. He fell on the feet of sage and said please guide my Gurudev. I distracted from the right path of the life please help me. I want peace in my life. After listening these words the sage blessed him and assured him to guide him.

This was the opportunity the swindler was seeking he said to sage that please accept me as your disciple, Guruji. I will do whatever you tell me to do. The sage accepted him as his disciple on one condition that he wanted to spend the night alone without company. As at night he mediate also. So you will not be allowed to enter the temple at night. You will spend his night at the gate of the temple in a hut. The swindler agreed.

The sage initiated the rituals and took the swindler as his disciple. The swindler proved himself as an obedient disciple. He helped the sage in all the work of the temple along with massaged his hands and feet. The sage very happy with his disciple but the swindler could not get enough success in his aim.

Days passed away and swindler started getting frustrated and thought that he did not trust him enough to leave the bag with him.

He thought if he kills the sage he got success in his motive. Suddenly he saw a young boy who visits the sage. He was the son of one of the sage’s disciple. He came to invite the sage for a ritual ceremony at his home. The sage accepted his invitation.

After some time sage started off for the town with his swindler. On their way they came across a river and the sage want to relieving himself. He hid the bag in his robe and asked the swindler to look after the robe until he came back.

This was the opportunity for which the swindler was seeking for a long time. As soon as the sage went behind the bushes, the swindler ran away with the bagful of money. After some time when the sage came back he did not find his disciple around. He got shocked and anxious after not finding his bag. He lost his control and fell down and shouted in anger, “where are you rascal. Why you robbed me”.

The sage started to follow the footsteps of the swindler but he did not succeed. He understands that he will not be able to catch the swindler. He reached the town and stayed the night in the town. Next morning he returned the temple disappointed, full of sorrow.

The wise indeed say:

Do not believe in the sweet words of a swindler.