One day while a sage was going through a jungle, he saw two golden rams fighting each other. Even though both were wounded heavily and blood oozing out from their heads and bodies but they did not stop fighting.

After sometime a jackal was passing by there he was very hungry. He saw bloods around there he suddenly started sucking the blood from the ground. He was so hungry and in too much hurry that he did not caring about the fighting goats.

After seeing this the sage got surprised and thought that this jackal is such a fool he was so in hurry that he did not care his life. The fighting rams might harm him. But still he continued to licking the blood. After sometime the jackal came nearer to the fighting rams and suddenly they got hurt the jackal. They stuck the head of jackal and he fell down. After few moments jackal lost his life due to severe injuries.

The wise indeed say:

Do not close your eyes to the approaching danger due to greed.