Once upon a time in a covered little town, there lived a strange young cat named Milo. Milo had soft, a soft, feather-like animal coats and bright blue eyes that twinkled with damage. His especially supported amusement was having a look at the earth around him, always ready to discover something new.

One full of sunlight morning, as Milo pranced through the field, he spotted a full of coloured insects with coloured wings with quick motions with pleasing, smooth motion among the flowers. made secret designs, he went after the insect with coloured wings’ dance, going suddenly and make by putting things together through the tall grass. But in his worked-up condition, Milo did not word that one is going and that he had gone from the rest far from starting place lost and uncertain of where he was, Milo started to great fear. His heart did quickly, and he let out a very small meow for help. Just then, a wise old owl named Oliver rested on a branch near and took note of the in serious need young cat.

“Pleased to be meeting you there, little one,” Oliver made loud sound kindly, quietly, not roughly. “Why are you so troubled?”

Milo explained how his great desire for knowledge had led him wrongly away, and now he did not have knowledge of how to discover his way back starting place.

Oliver smiled kindly and said, “great desire for knowledge is an of higher than common quality thing, my dear Milo, but it is most important to be mind full of our everything nearby. Let me give part a little secret with you. To discover your way back, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and give attention to carefully.”

Milo shut his eyes as Oliver had gave teaching. He gave all attention on the sounds around him the notes of birds of birds, the sounding like wind on leaves of leaves, and the be far away talking without thought of a small river. slowly, he noted that if he went after the sound of the small river, it would lead him back starting place made full with newly discovered hope, Milo thanked Oliver for his wise opinion and group off in the direction of the kind, quiet, not rough talking without thought small river. He went by jumps over great stones, moved to get what is desired through wood, and at last, after a little while, he spotted everyday views the old oak tree and the footway that led to his cover starting place.

Milo was very pleased! He noted that great desire for knowledge should always be acted together with by being conscious and responsibility. From that day forward, whenever his interested in the business of others nature made burning light, he made certain to keep in place having knowledge of his everything nearby and never go from others too far from starting place.

The story of Milo, the strange young cat, put out on top throughout the town. Children and animals alike learned the of great value teaching event of great desire for knowledge with mindfulness. They got clearly that while it is of higher than common quality to have a look for and discover new things, it is equally important to keep in place line to earth and safe.

And so, Milo became a loved one cat like in the town, having the same his story and the teaching event he learned with others. His misadventure greatly changed into a powerful memory help for everyone that great desire for knowledge should be gave care, training of young person responsibly, and in doing so, it takes Joy, wonder, and a safer journey through living.

The right and wrong of the story is that strange thing is a beautiful ways special to a person, but it should always be acted together with by being conscious and responsibility. By keeping in place mind full of our everything nearby, we can have special rights the interesting points of having a look for while keeping ourselves safe.