Due to family issues, she couldn’t get emotional attachment with her parents. She was finding a soft corner somewhere, where she can cry alone, tell anybody what she was feeling at that time. She was only 16 years old. A person meet to her in her school who was her teacher and he was 28 years old, 13 years old to her. He provided her a soft corner what she was trying to get always. She told him everything about her life. After sometime, they get close to each other. Her teaching tried to be physical with her and she was thinking that’s her duty to make him happy. In the meantime, he was taking her obscene photos. As she completed her education and moved to Delhi to persuing graduation, she forgot everything about him. They started fighting with each other over phone calls. 

The men started blackmailing her with her obscene photos. She get afraid of being humiliated. She ignored him. But the matter was not small, he approached her mother and told her that he will leak her daughter’s private photos. Her mother strongly fought with him and scolded him to not to do it. If he do anything against her daughter she file FIR against him. He stopped here but after sometime he comes to know that the girl has cleared UPSC exam, he called her father and told everything about her school life. At last, her father registered an FIR against the male teacher and he get arrested. Such actions should be taken for this kind of people.

I think parents should take care about their child’s mental health, what they are doing in their life which is affecting their child’s whole life. In this story, we can clearly see that how a girl suffered just because of her parents.