Suman returns home at night after a busy day at the office. As he laid back on the sofa and closed his eyes, he was lost in thoughts.

Why did she do this to me? I loved her very much. My love was sincere.How could she be so heartless towards me? Was her love false from the beginning? How blind was I in her love? Its been 10 years. But I am not able to come out of it. How can she ruin my life?

A thousand such disturbing questions began to lurk in his mind suddenly. His eyes were wet with grief.

Suman had a love marriage 10 years ago against his parent’s wishes and was staying separately with his wife. But within a week of their marriage things changed drastically. The girl was no longer loving towards him. She became aggressive for petty reasons and sometimes for no reason at all. Over a month; petty quarrels led to tantrums and nagging for an extravagant lifestyle beyond wild imaginations. Things took an ugly turn when she started physically abusing him. Sridhar showed immense patience for few more months but could not ever figure out the reason for her rude behavior. After a year they got separated legally and presently Sridhar stays with his parents working in a Software firm in Mysore.

A gentle touch by his mother brought Suman back to this world. While having dinner that night, his mother said,”Your aunt called me this afternoon.She was mentioning about a suitable alliance for you.Suman, how long will you cry over your past? I want you to remarry and its high time you settle down. You are already 40.”

“Ma! I am not against marriage. But what if I get a similar girl another time? I only fear this. I have no mental strength to face all this anymore.”. said, Suman

“Not all women are same. I will not force you but I suggest we go and see the girl this Sunday. She is Gita and had a mutual divorce with her husband a few years ago and ..and.”

“And..what Ma?”

“She has an 8-year-old son, told her mother hesitatingly.

“What! Frankly, I am not so broad-minded to marry a mother of 8 years old. Neither can I accept the child. No way. no point in meeting them.”

“Before drawing any conclusions, let’s meet them this Sunday. Consider this as an obligation and a request from my side.”,convincingly told his mother.

Unwillingly, for his mother’s sake, Suman accompanied his parents to meet Gita and her family.

After a few hours of the journey, they reached the house and were warmly welcomed by Gita’s parents. As they were entering the house a boy was rushing out with cricket bat in his hand. Suman guessed him to be Gita’s son and his mood became unpleasant. Their house was simple and neat. After the initial pleasantries, Gita was introduced. She was good looking and the saree she wore added to her beauty. Suman gathered guts and said.”I want to talk to Gita in private.”. They were led to a small balcony. Both of them sat down and their apprehension was visible on their faces. Before Sridhar could start, Gita began,”I have something to share with you. It is regarding my son.”

Suman thought in his mind, Yes, its the same thing I wanted to discuss.

“I have decided to put my son Vijay in the hostel. My parents will bear his expenses and they will be his guardian too. I have nothing to do with him. I don’t like him. I don’t want to see his face. He resembles his dad whom I hate the most. His dad was a drunkard and I went through a lot of suffering and physical torture.”

Suman had nothing to say. This is exactly what he wanted. Now, he did not find any reason to say no to this alliance. After conversing for some more time Suman felt that Gita was apt for him in all respects. Within the next few months, they got married. Gita proved to be an ideal wife who is very loving, wise and takes care of Suman and his parents well.

Everything seemed to be nice to Suman, after a decade of living as a divorcee. Gita gave birth to a baby boy after 2 years of marriage. They named him Rohan. He was very chubby, cute and active. Years passed in a jiffy while both Sridhar and Gita enjoyed their parenthood and did their best for their son. Rohan is now 8 years old.

One Sunday evening, Gita and Suman are having a cup of tea on their balcony and watching Rohan playing cricket in the playground below. A sudden thought passed his mind.

When I went to meet Gita for the first time, I saw his son with a cricket bat and he was of the same age like Rohan.

Suman himself is very much surprised at this passing thought as all these years neither Gita nor he bothered about Vijay. Neither discussed his well-being.

That night Suman could not sleep. Rohan slept cuddled between him and Gita that night. Suman could see a happy and secure feeling on Rohan’s face while he was asleep. A child needs both parents for his overall development. Childhood is nothing without parents’ love.

But..but what about Vijay? Am I at fault? Neither Gita nor I wanted him. But what is his fault? His resemblance to his dad? Just because I was not broad-minded to accept another man’s son, I kept him at bay. I never tried to think from a child’s point of view. Maybe now that I am a father my thinking has changed and vision has broadened. Its not too late even now.

The next morning, Gita woke him up with a hot cup of tea. Suman gestured her to sit beside him. Suman held Gita’s hand and said,”I am very happy and feel blessed that God has given us a second chance of life. I am extremely lucky to have you as my life partner.”

Gita replied,”I am more have accepted me though I had a son. You are so understanding and I am leading a very happy and contented life now.”, said Gita.

“But I have to share few thoughts which are lingering in my mind since yesterday. I feel you will understand my thoughts. It’s about your son Vijay.” Sridhar explained her all his thoughts and feelings towards Vijay.

Gita felt very uneasy inside but somewhere she found Sridhar right and wise. She said,”Vijay is now 16 yrs old. Do you think he will accept us?”. Sridhar was optimistic and firmly wanted to bring Vijay home.

That very day itself both Gita and Suman went to Vijay’s hostel and brought him home. Vijay was very reluctant and angry and furiously asked them.

Why after all these years?

Sridhar explained him everything and felt sorry for him. He ensured he would set everything better and promised to be his friend and a guide, ALWAYS.

Though it was not at all easy for Vijay to trust and accept the family, Suman with his optimistic attitude gave equal attention and love to both Rohan and Vijay. It may take some more time for Vijay to come out of his shell but Sridhar is now able to sleep happily with a sense of contentment.