Did Nauseen and Malliquh be that involved in pampering their child that they completely forget the whole purpose of keeping a Roza?

Nazma woke up holding the mat in her hand and said, “Alas! Nauseen madam, we both have also kept Roza. We both are hungry and are very tired. Let us sleep for some time. Nauseen again became angry and said, “You both had enough of your sleep. Now get up and make preparations for the next dishes. Go and rush to your work. Both Nazma and Huma woke up and started doing their work.

It was evening when everyone wanted to open their Roza because it was a ceremony. They had arranged everything in their garden. So, all guests including Malliquh family members went outside to open their Roza. Chef’s had prepared a variety of cuisines and dishes. Each and every guest rushed to the cuisine stalls because they were super hungry and were craving for the delicious and tasty food.

While all in-between this Nazma and Huma opened their Roza by eating plain bread along with some water and dates. They weren’t offered the cuisines and dishes that everyone was eating.

Nauseen’s mother-in-law was watching all this and went to Nazma and Huma and offered them two trays that were filled with a variety of dishes and sweet dishes. She told them to have it and said them eat as much as you ca. Fill your stomachs with the food and even if some food is left out you can pack the food and take it to your home. Eat as much as you cab until your heart is filled with joy.

These people don’t k now the real meaning of Roza. All they want to do is to maintain their standard symbol. Islam introduced the concept of Roza all because the Allah wanted that the rich and elite class people help the needy and poor people. Eid is celebrated only when you provide food to the people who really need them so that they can have a proper food even for a single day. What is the purpose of celebrating Eid if you give food and gifts to the people who already had them? The purpose of Eid is that people realize that every person should sleep happily with their stomach filled at God’s evening. But can you see here that the rich people are providing food to people who are already self-sufficient capable enough to have a complete diet every day?

The basic meaning behind Roza is to remain without food and water the whole day, learn new things every day. Roza makes you learn about the patience a person should have, not to be in a hurry always. People should provide food and clothing to the poor people. Shower love on them. Provide them the basic amenities. This will be so grateful when the elite people bestow their love on the needy ones. People should take care of the poor and orphan children, gift them toys and food. Then only you will see the joy of sharing. They should not make the poor people and children work like animals.

I am not saying that people should not keep Roza. They should. They should spend this day like normal days by eating simple food, cherishing every moment and not playing silly games on iPad, staying in air-conditioned rooms always.

Roza should be there for you people, who spend all their day in working and whatever they get to eat they eat that and consider their life to be happiest.

Malliquh and Nauseen were standing were listening to all this. They were shocked while listening to the conversation between Nazma and Nauseen’s mother-in-law. They soon realized the power of love and care in the festivals.

They both had come there to call their mother for the party but remained still after listening to their conversation. After this, they felt very ashamed of themselves and thought how little their heart is. After taking a very long pause Malliquh made a decision that he will arrange another party in the coming weekend for the poor and needy people so that they can have the good food and joy of living with others at least for a single time. Also, he will keep in mind that they both Malliquh and Nauseen will keep Roza in the limits and will not over-pamper their son, Paras.

“My mother always speak honest and truthful words,” said Malliquh. Roza doesn’t mean to quit water and food for one day. The basic concept behind keeping Roza is to control our senses, our taste buds, our soul, our heart and our mind. It is a test of our control on our bodily processes and senses. We should not speak bitter words and never be harsh on anyone especially the needy people. We should not see mishappenings that are occurring with people. Instead, we should encourage them to fight with that or help them to do so by providing financial and emotional support. We should share our happiness with the poor and needy people and also share theirs sad and harsh moments with us. We should understand their pain and sufferings that they are bearing.

This is what exactly a Roza means. We should always do our work honestly and maintain peace among yourself. We should not be deceitful to the people. We all should celebrate Roza in this way only.