Once there lived a group of monkeys on a mountain. They all lived happily there. One day during a winter season there were heavy rains in that region. There was no place for them to hide in the rain. They all were heavily drenched in the rain, due to which they begin to shiver in the cold. Their teethes started chattering in the cold. At that time some of the monkeys found some different type of fruit named Gunja fruits. They thought these are pieces of fire, which saved them from the cold. Hoping to make some fire for themselves they all started blowing them.

After some time a bird reached the nearby tree and watching them from the tree. He kept watching them and considering the waste attempts the monkeys were busy with, he thought of advising them to help them. He said to them, “What are you all doing? You all are big fools. You all are blowing the Gunja fruits not pieces of fire. Whatever you are doing is all vain and is a waste of time. You will never be able to make fire from these fruits. Instead it you should go in search of a place where you find shelter against the cold. You may be able to find a cave or some other place where you protected themselves from the rains and cold.”

The monkeys are not in the mood of taking any advice. One of the old monkey said to him, “why are you giving us advice? Don’t interfering in our task. Go away you fool.”

But the bird refused them and he did not pay any attention whatever the old monkey had said to him. He came down the tree nearby the monkeys and tried to stop them what they were doing. He continued advising them but the monkeys ignored him and stop him to advising. But the bird refused to stop himself. After some time the bird came very close to them for convincing them. He continued explaining that whatever they doing are all useless.

The monkeys were already frustrated by their vain attempts and due to heavy cold, one of them became very furious. He caught hold the neck of the bird and smashed him against a rock and killing him.

The wise indeed say:

Never give advice unless you are asked for it or you may pay for it.