Story description: 

Kim Taehyung, the mafia who leads the biggest mafia gangs in entire Asia. What was the cause of the rivalry? His whole life seems so predictable but what happens when things take turn?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CHAPTER:1    

  unknown Pov (for now) Silence. only the sound of my fingers tapping against the keyboard could be heard until there was a knock on my office door. I looked up from the computer screen, eyes fixed on the door “come in.”  The door opens showing a familiar figure standing, ‘boss wants you in his office right now.’   With that said, I stood up from the chair and started walking towards the said office. I knocked a couple of times until I heard small ‘come in’. from the other side I slowly opened the door, my eyes immediately fell upon the person sitting behind the table. I walked in, pulled one of the best bows and a small smile.   ‘You have a mission.’  the person sitting comfortably on the chair said.  ‘ Time to kick more asses huh? I said with a chuckle. ” it’s more than just kicking assess this time” the main said with a smirk on his face.  ‘More like playing with blood’. he, maintained his smirk. ‘ More than willing to do it then ‘I said with my eyebrows lifted and a smirk playing on my lips.   The man pushes a folder towards me, assuming these are the required details of my next target, I pick it up and turn to the first page, ” big party’s hmmm?”.  ” You shall start as early as you can “, the main said.  ” Tomorrow it is, I said with an approving tone and closed the folder after examining a few more details. ” Alright agent 005 you can leave now. “Goodluck”.  ” won’t fail you boos”, I said with a wink and walked out of the room. 


I was going through the work on the computer, back hurting, it’s nothing new, I’m used to it. I checked my watch ‘ it was pretty late, I got to go home ‘ I said inside my head. I gathered all my things, ready to leave. ‘As soon as I get home, I’ll sleep peacefully, days ahead are going to be exhausting’ making a mental note to myself, I drive through the streets of Seoul.  Beautiful, isn’t it? the lights from the tall buildings, cars zooming from the left and right. nights in Seoul are never quiet. Seoul is always lively. I find it beautiful, because at least there’s some light. unlike my life. chuckling lightly, I focus on the road again.                                                                                                                                                                         I’ve always found my bed to be the most comfortable thing in my house and yet, something feels so awfully wrong. after a long, warm shower, I started again going through all the information in the file. I’ve been reading it for the past fifteen minutes and something just feels off. I don’t know what it is, maybe I should just sleep. sighing heavily, I put those files aside and get comfortable inside my blanket.                                                                                                                           * Five minutes……….    *Ten minutes…………..     

“AAARGH”   I groan loudly, moving the blanket off my face. “Yuan just sleep already!   you’ve got business tomorrow!”  this time, covering my head with the blanket. I close my eyes only to see flashes of something…. someone perhaps? I open my eyes wide staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily.’ what was that?!’                                             

I woke up with a headache, groaning in pain I get off my bed and walk towards the bathroom. ‘It starts today.’  four hours later, I found myself sitting in the lounge room waiting to board my flight. the weather looks nice, but it was too bright for my liking. nights are better.  hours later, I stood Infront of the penthouse.  ” I groan with annoyance. “Boss really over did it.” I sigh and walk to the elevator entering the security code of my house. The house is so huge, I could fit 30 elephants in my room alone. JACKSON WANG, age unknown but looks 34. the head of our department and my boss. I’ve known him for so long. he was the first friend I made when I first started as an agent. he’s very kind to me, gets me everything I want.  


The road in Daegu looks busy but it was nothing like the ones in Seoul. I cross the road and enter a cafe “cafe Orda”. I’m wearing an earpiece, with agent bam on the other side. he’ll be guiding me throughout the whole mission. I place my laptop on the table, going through all my mails. “he’s here “, bam says with a monotone. I hum in response. I look up from my screen to look at the entrance when I hear a soft ding.  I see a man entering, with a long beige coat and black sunglasses. ‘He looks like a serial killer in disguise’ I say inside my head.  I smirk and get up from my seat, walking towards him. he’s here to order his regular cup of his coffee and leave after twenty minutes. I got to do what I got to do real quick. “This man is really tall and handsome.”  as I bump him with my shoulder, making his coffee drop. “Oh my god I’m so sorry! I’ll buy you another one. the man remains silent for a hot minute until he turns to face me. his eyes unreadable as he’s wearing those glasses. he removes them and why would I look at those dark brown orbs. so beautiful, I fell in love. I snap out of my thoughts when I hear him say something. “Damn he’s voice is so deep. I’m in love omg!  I ask his name he replies with “Kim Taehyung”.  And that’s how the unexpected story of the woman who falls in love with a man, who she has to kill in a mission………….

                                            “THE END “