“Fantasy” the word Terry loved the most. Because that is where everything seems good to him, in his fantasies.

Terry loved the idea of mythical creatures. He always drew his imaginations and it world always be a beautiful mythical creature. His parents encouraged his imagination and let him explore more. Until, one day he could not believe his own eyes.

Snow white, that is how Terry would describe it. It was a cat and it looked beautiful. The thing that attracted Terry more was it’s eyes. They were not like any others cats eyes. They were alluring. Both the eyes had different eyes colour. It’s right eye was the colour of an emerald and the other one was the colour of a sapphire.

Terry was on a walk to find inspiration for his drawings, when he heard strange noises from the bushes. His curiosity took over him and he went to see what it was. There was beautiful cat rolling around and relaxing itself. When the cat noticed the presence of Terry, it looked straight in his eyes. Terry did not know what to do, the eyes were so beautiful that he couldn’t stop staring at them. The cat slowly straightened itself and started to play between Terry’s legs. Terry bent down and started petting the cat until he heard the cat call his name.

He was shocked and very confused. He was trying to process what happened a minute ago and then he heard the cat talk again.

Are you scared? Don’t worry, I wont bite you. Terry, did not know what to say. For a moment, he thought he was imagining all of this.

Deep breaths, Terry. All of this is true. The cat said after looking at him. Terry did as the cat said. After taking two deep breaths, Terry started to question then cat.

Where are you from?

How can you talk?

How do you know my name?


The cat stopped Terry in between his flooding questions.

You like drawing, right? I’ve seen them a lot of times, they are beautiful.

Terry could only reply with a thank you. His brain failed at telling him that we was being stalked by a cat that has beautiful eyes and can actually talk.

Do you want to bring your drawings to life?

Terry’s eyes widened upon the cat’s words. Who would say no to that? To bring his imagination to life would be awesome. But Terry could not wrap his head around the concept of bringing his drawings to life because, these creatures never existed in real life. Terry did not understand, why the cat is willing to do all that.

Come on. Say, yes. The cat started persuading Terry.

All you have to do is, get you neck sliced by your mom. And all these creatures will come to life.

Just like the cat said, Terry’s mom was standing behind him with a kitchen knife in her hand and an evil smile on her face. Terry could not believe his eyes. His own mother was ready to kill him. Terry did not know how to feel or react. He started sweating and decided to accept his fate because, he could never imagine fighting against his mom. He closed his eyes shut, a minute passed by and Terry was still breathing. He decided to open his eyes, only to find himself lying in his bed.

He woke up from his slumber and started to think about his horrifying dream. He opened his drawer and looked at his drawings. He lifted his head up to look through his window and noticed a white cat on the roof of his neighbour’s house. The cat turned around and Terry looked at it’s eyes and