As I woke from a deep sleep, I couldn’t recognize anything including myself. Where am I? Who am I? What happened to me? This room in front of me is something out of my memories. I cannot recall that this luxurious room is mine. I get up too fast. The room is spinning. I run towards the closet to find out anything which can remind me of my identity or where am I. And alas, there is nothing out of space or identifiable. This closet is full of designer clothes, bags, and heels. maybe I am some rich obnoxious girl but why don’t I feel like one? Just when I was going through internal turmoil I heard a knock, I ran towards the bed to avoid talking to whoever is going to enter this room. “Alicia, open the door. It’s been three whole days, how much more “me time” do you need”, I could feel their emphasis on “me time”. This means the gate is locked from the inside but why can’t I remember closing it or having “Mee time” Who am I ? “Alicia, You are scaring me, are you in there?, Do I need to call someone to break this goddamn door”. I replied instantly, “Yeah, I am coming out”. I am not telling them that I don’t remember anything . I finally opened the door and there stood a blonde with the brightest red lipstick to ever exist, her face looked pale , as if she did not get proper food for days, unlike me who looks like properly rested and properly fed. “Ahh! You are alive, get ready you have a meeting with Victor in 10 “. , with that she went away without listening to my reply. 

I got ready in one of the black T-shirts and blue shorts, and these clothes fitted me perfectly. I went down and there sat a man, a very handsome man in a black suit with a tie, he looked as if he is attending a corporate meeting, maybe he is a lawyer. He looked up at me and I felt small while he looked upon me from my head to toe.  I looked at his face to see if I can remember him. but I couldn’t recognize him. “Hi, Wife”, he said in a mocking tone. Wife, wife, what does he mean by wife? No, he is lying. I have to run, I have to get away from here. ” No, don’t think about running, little darling. He smirked and continued, ” You don’t remember me, But I know you well “, with that he started walking towards me. I couldn’t help but look at my feet, he again mocked and said, “Let the fun begin”, and left me there standing what will he do to me?