Its a story of love which is forbidden to them. A girl name Niti, just completed her higher secondary examination  and got vacation. But after the exam there was pandemic in the world . So everywhere government announced  lockdown and everything was closed . So it was good for her to enjoy the long vacation. Then after few months her higher secondary examination result  was declared and she scored good . Her family was so happy and they gift her a phone . She was so glad and then she started to explore the phone. But suddenly after some days, she got a message from unknown number. That person messaged her hi .She asked that who are you and how did you got my number.Then that person replied that  I am Shivansh and this number is saved in my contact list so, i messaged you. Ohh , niti remembered that he is her elder brother’s friend. So she replied back very politly that sorry i am niti , sister of your friend.He said ok ,and asked for friendship . Niti thought that he is just like brother to her then replied with yes. They was now talking everyday and slowly the boy confessed to her. she is just thoughtless and confused because she don’t know what to do now . Rather she don’t have any feeling for him. Then she replied that he is just like his brother and nothing else. He said that please don’t make me your brother and my feeling is so genuine for you . Suddenly her brother came to know about it .He checked her phone and read all their conversation . she was so scared. She told all the things to her brother and he went to shivansh. He aksed him about the matter and he said that he truly loves her. Her brother warned him that not to message her. Then all things are sorted now . But niti was just thinking about him every day and not forgetting all the talks they used to do. After some months , she took admission for undergraduation and went far away from hometown. Then again shivansh called her. she was afraid and don’t pickup. But then she called him and ask why he is calling her. He just asked me a question,”Do you love me?” . She kept quite for a moment. Her mind wants to tell him that she also love him but  suddenly she replied  no. And then he cut the call and never call her once. But everyday she was thinking of him and decided to tell him that she was love with him.After long time, vacation was announced and niti was so excited to went home.She came and  was so shock to know that he was married now. She was overwhelmed.


  1. Ashifa A Saheed

    ‘Not a Love’ by Nikitha Jadhao pictures the whims and fancies of teenage love. Love being the most purest version of human affinity, have always acclaimed greater fanbase among teenagers. Not a Love is a story, that depicts the mindset and feelings of an average middle class girl. Nidhi is a girl of 18 or 19; who still finds it difficult to categorise herself as ‘adult’. The author portrays her as a girl enjoying her long vacation, added bonus of Covid Pandemic broke out. She receives a smart phone as a present. Unexpectedly receiving message from unknown number , she was startled to know that it was her brother’s friend Shivansh. The casual conversation then turned into a daily happening. Finally Shivansh he confessed his love for her. Shivansh was warned by her brother. The story takes a turn while she was proposed and reply unwillingly a big NO . Finally she returns back to know that he got married.
    Nithi is a representative of hundreds of girls coming from conventional setting who were forced to sacrifice Love for others.The plot of the story is so nicely drawn that every girl could relate to such a character in their life as that of Shivansh. Nikitha thus draws a typical “desi woman” who desires to love and to be loved.. The author puts in many questions in the mind of the readers regarding the sincerity of his love and the possibility of another meet. And finally if it is Love or Not a Love.