This word is a misnomer. The doer also does it with fear, with the expectation that the act could create fear among the victims as well. So being a better judge of these situations we should say that there is a win-win situation for just ‘fear’. Nonetheless, one might say that terrorism is more of a delusion, it is all comprising of fear.

When a terrorist leaves his home to destroy the world, he does that because he thinks that wrong has been done to them or their loved ones and so the vengeful side of theirs talk and compel them to take some actions. When a terrorist kills a family or say a kid, what does one think? The terrorist is heartless? No, he isn’t, once a child was killed in the same way in front of him but the child he kills has nothing to do with that, but still the terrorist finds his peace in being vindictive. There isn’t a point in blaming the terrorists for what they do, we should blame humanity for what it has created!

Terror has many forms, a child who faces abuse at home defines terror in one way, a person who has not paid his debt defines terror in some other way, and a mother who saw her child getting shot in front of her eyes defines terror in a different way altogether. Terror is an idea which deceives even the best of people and doesn’t have limits to its expansion, but never contracts. Once terror is born it stays on for life. It grows and keeps expanding, destruction of terror is something humans cannot do by their available resources. Terror is to be destroyed through crushing the wrong hopes and killing the selfish ideas and it might not even be beneficial. Stopping terror is a stupendous task and does not need presence. Terror can be stopped, rather reduced through actions or say smart illusions.

That child when it cries for a toy the family man cannot afford, he finds an excuse to give to the child, and tries his level best to achieve that income so that he can buy his child the toy. When the man fails to gather money he might take terror as his wingman and engage himself into actions which might help the terror to spread. That is when all the wrong comes in and we dismiss the life of the man, like he is a stone.

Terror resides in every soul but it defines just a few. So, terror cannot be denied, it has to be checked and reduced. Rather than increasing the terror or rather helping others increase, we could be wiser and not indulge into increasing it by provoking others to do so. Life does not need to be perfect but it can be wonderful if we think about various things different, use different perspectives to judge things. It isn’t our choice it is our virtue, and if we virtualize the reduction of terror we can all work for it and make this world a better place to live in.