It is so hard to get over a person! Feels like that the person is always watching our actions, always eyeing us, making us more vulnerable because they know we are. Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, even after knowing it all we willingly get in the rut. It feels like you are breathing their absence. Sometimes one gets so weak, that one becomes numb, neither can one talk nor cry nor express in any other way. The weakness is what makes us all worse. Why would a prostitute do such a job? Because she has some weakness, which she can fulfill only by prostitution. How strong can a person be? Is a prostitute or a gigolo ever asked by her/his flat mates how she/he is? It is very rare that a person would stop and ask them whether they are fine or not. But they are miserable, their eyes speak for them, they lead such a painful life, yet they hold their head high and do what they do.

Is it wrong to love? Is it wrong to dream? Is it wrong to involve emotions? No, it is not!

It is never wrong to live, we live a little every day, some in fear, some in pain, some in despair, but we all do. When a man leaves his woman knowing that she will be happy with someone else, he does it because his satiation lies in her smile, though his happiness lies in her being with him, but happiness cannot be achieved at all times. It is rare that people find their happiness and inscribe it into their life-stone. When the effect of love binds a person, it is like your soul is trapped in a box, it is like your eyes are wearing out, and your mind is giving up. But when the same love leaves your soul, you feel nothing! You feel destroyed, yet stronger, lively, yet bolder.

Love is a very strong feeling, not many might understand but you can also feel love for things which do not have life, a baby girl’s love for her Barbie, or a baby boy’s love for his toy car. Love can sway you through tornadoes, but you would just feel wonderful enough just by the idea of its existence. For those of you who haven’t experienced love, you are yet to experience the most wonderful feeling, it feels awesome and out of this world. The moment you feel for somebody unconditionally and you could cross limits to make that person happy, you would know what you are into.

The best part is your mind stops and your heart takes its place. It isn’t normal to smile once in a while just when the thought of a person crosses your mind, it isn’t normal to forgive a person even after you are hurt pretty bad several times by the person, it is more than normal because it is extraordinary. We all know how hard life can be, but do we know how beautiful life can be? Love conquers all- a million dollar saying, tells us that no matter what we can conquer anything by love.

One might say let’s conquer the terrorists by shoeing them love. I would say a terrorist isn’t in the position of understanding love anymore. The terrorists have so much hatred and disgust in themselves that they are just able to decipher their darkness and that is what is the outcome and what defines their actions. Love can still conquer them but first they have to be calmed down.

Love is such a small word with such a deep meaning. Once this little girl was passing across this street beside the market, she saw a girl her age busy collecting the packets from the corners of the road. She immediately felt sympathetic and wanted to offer something to the girl. But she had nothing, instead she made a deal with her mother that she would buy the girl some food, in return she wouldn’t shop for a month. The little girl had a heart capable to love. Not everybody is capable enough to love, but everybody is capable enough to be loved. So when you are loved try to cherish it, and if you are in love try to love with all your heart, never feel afraid or left out, someday your love will do wonders you could never imagine.