Now this was the tricky part of their relationship which they knew would cause problem one day as both of them were aware that even if their respective parents agreed to this relationship (about which they were still in denial mode) they had to figure out a way of getting them together and make them understand each other better, basically find out a path of making this marriage possible which at the present seemed to be in a blur.

So they decided to eradicate the problems one by one and the first thing that they agreed was to make their parents meet and then move on to more – bigger problem. Maushik and her family came to the Boy’s city to meet his parents, whereas the next time Aditya’s parents went to the girl’s city. The parents of both the sides talked about everything including the cultural differences, the deteriorating conditions etc. and developed an understanding as well as respect for each other and now they had no complaints, questions or problems regarding the marriage except one, that where will this marriage take place and how? The worsening political situations in both the countries now made it really difficult for getting a long term visa for the other country let alone marriage. Moreover, the girl’s stay with the boy after marriage was still a question as they had to find out a method to get the girl the country’s citizenship so that the boy and the girl can live together after marriage. Parents of both the sides were simple living middle – class people who did not have any connections in the system and this worsened the situation.

Now, what should be done? Should they forget each other and move on due to the problem in between their countries? Or should they fight? They decided to do their best on their level and arranged meetings with many different department people and heads with the hope of getting this solved, all of them just gave false hope and never really did anything. All this created a serious confusion among the families. In frustration, Aditiya and Maushik both wrote this problem on Facebook and other social media websites seeking help. And one fine day a kind person replied to them seeking the details of the bride and demanding more information on the topic. That day was the best day in their lives and it literally changed the lives of both of them. The person made sure that the Visa problem was dissolved as well as the citizenship solution was also provided.

Aditya and Maushik were indebted to the person forever. Despite thanking the person a million times and asking for a meeting they were never really able to meet and thank in person.

In all these years a lot changed. Maushik got her citizenship and now could live even more happily. Both of them had a kid and the second one was on its way. It looks like everything worked in their direction.