You know how young children throw tantrums when they require attention and just make everyone’s lives around them miserable remember how being a mature person is a sign of growth in your life and also how having a health-conscious choice in creating your life is considered the best way to go.

The snippets of it look something like a 19-year-old who needs attention but has nobody around them physically enough to care about their concerns( tantrums ) but instead of throwing tantrums they try and be mature and deal with it themselves by avoiding a company that they need to feel better but again to not raise any suspicions appear in reality for a false assurance of the people around them, being self-destructive with the way they are themselves but also taking care of the body they wear with the basic efforts of their knowledge and yet can’t see any change which leads them to believe nothing is getting better and just worse by the looks of it and to top it off…

Since they are the only person who can help them or care for them they can’t provide them with any assurance, pleasure, and well even basic comfort because it’s not something they can control.

his does sound like but dramatic scenario but in all honesty and jokes apart this is it.