It is not the child’s fault that he can not complete the task properly. At least he tried. But for this world, we have been taught from the beginning to win the race. Even if it is to win parents’ goals or to win the race of birth. Before coming to life, we don’t even know what awaits us. it feels like yesterday I was in nursery and now I am a teenager. the time period of a human is so confusing that when we were newborn babies everybody loved us, when we become a toddler or children we love everyone. But then came the time face where we see the changes in people. they never really loved us. It was a mare affection toward a newborn baby similar to a new object which we find delighted to have for a couple of days and forget instantly. 

I used to be good at everything then. Beginning with studies, sports, and cultural activities to art and crafts. I loved when people appreciated me for my achievements. But as time flew people started showing faults in me. Which occurred to demotivate me and faced a rapid drop in myself. 

“You can do it better.”

“You could have started it before. So, that the task must be finished by now then.”

“You failed”

“You can never win this race.”

“Someone else is better than you.”

“You’re not worth it.”

“You don’t deserve it”

Was that all necessary to say to a teenager who is trying to understand his life? Thinking about how to do better. Even after trying harder and harder, when the results are never reaching the point.  It only needs four words to motivate someone. “YOU CAN DO IT.” Thats it. He could have won the race.

It’s okay. Life is hard but short. We need to figure out the solution by ourselves. No one is perfect. But they are perfect in their own way.