I vividly remember the day I met him.

It was just a normal and I was practicing my dance moves for upcoming group dance competition. I was swirling around in the cabin which was built in the center of the garden. It had rained before. The fresh petrichor was tickling my nostrils.

Suddenly, I stepped on the ignored puddle in the cabin and I nearly slipped. Before I could contemplate, a pair of strong hands were gripping my waist. I turned my head. His black eyes were smiling at me. I don’t know why? As I collected my senses, I pulled myself back.

“Um…thanks. By the way, who are you?”

“I am Neel. I learn pottery from your grandfather.”

“Ohh!” With that, I spun on my heels and went inside.

Today, here I am. Trying to prove all the allegations he is charged with. Murders and attempted murders. I wish to go back to the day when he first kissed me in the parking area.  I remember him holding me in his embrace, caressing my hair. His hand slowly cupped my cheek and closed the distance between our lips. I found myself melting at his touch and right now, I am disgusted from his sight!

He committed five murders and nine attempted murders. All women.

The trial session was heating up with our arguments. Defense lawyer was doing his best to save him but I  decided to get Neel punished. It was fate that he never came back and I walked away from our little relationship. Otherwise, I might be listed as his victim too!

That day, rain was pouring down. I was waiting for him in the park. We haven’t talked or met for a week by that time. After two hours of waiting. I stood up but then, I sat back. Hoping that he will come back. My hope did came true. I saw him running to me. He waved at me and whispered into my ear.

“Right now I am too busy. I will come later.” He kissed my cheek and went running back.

Defense lawyer’s words brought me back. I looked at him. Is he the same guy whom I loved once dearly?

This was the last trial of this case. After three hours session, the verdict was announced. He will be hanged two days later. Everyone congratulated me as i won the case but my heart was ripping. My first love will be hanged two days after!

I was in my blazer, standing outside of the court, looking at him. I wanted to look at him for the last time. My senses weren’t working properly as I looked at him. I was crying invisible tears.

I didn’t understand anything but I saw him running towards me and then… an excruciating pain. I looked down. I was bleeding from my stomach. He stabbed me in the stomach. I looked at him. He was crying.

“I love you so much. I don’t want to live away from you so I am taking you with me!” 

Then he stabbed me again. I was laying on the ground, in the pool of my own blood. My eyes were on him. He stabbed his heart. He fell beside me and took his last breath. I closed my eyes.

At my last breath, I vividly remember the day I lost him.