“Sweet are the uses of adversity”. This cliche forms the very functioning of our lives and makes it an example for others to adulate.

Memories can never be oblivion, they linger on and on and get etched in our minds. We wish those moments to be retraced back, but time and tides wait for no one. As I pen it down my heart is full of agony and pensive thoughts about the lost ones. It happened to me ten years back but the incident is vivid. Since then everything has changed in the blink of an eye but i am still there standing aloof.

The story hails   from my hometown, the city of lakes Nainital. I remember that day so well, how jubilant i was rambling amidst the forest ayarpata with my grandmother, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The sky was azure, birds were chirping with their dulcet voices soothing one’s ear. I had a penchant for nature since my childhood and that made me full of alacrity .Being in her sixties my grandmother was enthusiastic and zealous. She was a lover of peace and enjoyed being there .We darted towards our destination when out of the blue and old lady appeared .She was older than my grandmother as her face depicted- dying, gaunt, desperate, and rustic in appearance. Her eyes were sunken deep and her face was full of cracks and wrinkles .Her eyes said her untold story having agonies, sorrows. She was in  a predicament and panicking when she murmured “I am a villager  and had bought my cow for grazing but now it is nowhere to be seen .Please beta help me, I can’t walk anymore “.My grandmother condoled her while the responsibility fell on my shoulders. I made my way towards the direction she insinuated. It was getting dingy .I ran fast as i could but in vain. Hardly i could cover distance, my plumpness was showing its results .Despair and despondence had shuddered me .I whined and prayed to lord to help me find that old lady, her cow and chanted some hymns. With finishing it i continued on my way, when suddenly I caught a glimpse of some familiar reflection. I ran towards the arena and to my utter astonishment found that it was the same cow she characterized. Seeing that my heart was full of mirth and bliss. It was more of a battle to me battle for win and lose, battle of good and evil, battle of justice and injustice and I was able to do justice to the old soul whom fate had marred. I took that cow to her .As soon as she saw this her eyes were full with tears and she hugged me tightly .My grandmother also patted my back and appreciated my audacity.

The old lady blessed me saying “Beta may you get whatever you want .May you reach the acme of success “I felt in a short while I was attached to that lady .From then on I made frequent visits to her place .

It has been years now, the old wretched soul is deceased but her soothing words are still with me and follow me till eternity .It made me a new person and transformed me into a better human being in true sense of words.