Once there lived a merchant named Vardhamana. He was very rich and prosperous. He was widely known. The king was also aware of his abilities therefore he appointed him as the administrator of the kingdom. Vardhamana have the abilities to keep others happy by his intelligence. He keeps common happy and at the same time he also impressed the king.

Days passed away and there comes a day when the merchant’s daughter gets married. He arranged a grand reception. He invited king and the queen along with entire royal family. He also invited all the respected people of the kingdom. He arranged all the facilities for their guests and also ensured about it. In respect for their guest for attending the reception party he also gave them return gift.

After some time a servant of the royal palace come there and sat on the seat reserved for nobles. He was not invited in the party. Seeing the servant the merchant got very angry. He insulted him and thrown him out.

The servant felt very insulted and want to revenge from the merchant. He thought if he can do such a thing by which the faith of the king from merchant gone away. Thinking in such a way he made a plan.

After many days the servant got the opportunity. He was sweeping the floor of the king’s room. He knew that the king was still awake so he started mumbling, ‘‘Oh god what happened in this palace. The merchant has now become so carefree that he dared to embrace the queen.” The king got angry after listening it and shouted on the servant. He asked him whatever he said was it true. Have you seen it with your own eyes?

The servant starts pretending. He fell on the feet of the king and said forgive me my king for whatever i said. I don’t know what I have been mumbling. I was gambling all night so i did not sleep at night. And now i feel very drowsy. The king did not say any words to the servant but he thought that it can be true. The servant knew that he done his job. He sowed the seed of distrust.

After that day the king did not trust the merchant and filled with jealousy and anger. He ordered the guards not to enter the merchant in the palace.

One day when the merchant was trying to entering the gate of the palace guards stopped him. The merchant got surprised that suddenly what happened to the king. Why he did so. The servant was present nearby he mockingly shouted on the guards, “Ho Guards! What you did. You did not know he is a powerful person and king’s favourite also. He has the power to people arrested or released. He even thrown out peoples just like he thrown out me of his daughter’s reception.

After hearing this merchant understood the whole matter. He felt very insulted and returned home. He made a plan and invited the servant to his home. He flattened him with gifts and garments and treated him as a respectable person. He apologised for his misbehaviour of that day. He said kindly, “O friend, that day I did not have you thrown out due to anger, but it was due to you to occupy the seat reserved for the royal nobles. They felt very insulted, and out of compulsion I had to throw you out. Please forgive me.”

The servant got flattened by the merchant and felt very respected. He forgave him. He ensured the merchant that he made the king as before towards him. And the servant went back home.

Next morning when he sweeping the floor of the palace he waited for the king half awake. After few moments he got the opportunity and he started mumbling again as before, “Our king is crazy, he eats cucumber in the lavatory!”

After hearing this king got angry and shouted at the servant, “What nonsense do you talk about. Have you ever seen me doing such thing yourself?” Once again the servant fell on his knees and requested the king, “O king, please forgive me if I said something improper. I was gambling all last night and didn’t sleep. I feel drowsy and I don’t know what I have been mumbling.”

The king thought this servant is a fool. Whatever he mumbled about me is ridiculously false. Then it was sure that whatever he mumbled about the merchant was also false. It is not right to mistreat the trusted merchant. He thought the merchant has done a lot for the kingdom. He control the whole administrative system efficiently and without him it has become diminished.

Thus the king invited the merchant to the palace and flattened him with gifts, jewels and other precious things. He reappointed him at his post and favoured him as before.

The wise indeed say:

One should treat all with respect even the lowest.