This story emphasises on the power of love that how it fights all odds.


There was a boy named Neil, 14 years. Being from a middle-class family, he had not got all that luxuries and comforts that most of the children of his age get. He was deprived of all this. His father could earn only that much in which they could make both their ends meet.

Sometimes, there was not even enough food to feed the family even once. Her mother was a cook. She would cook at homes of rich people but whatever she earned, would go into paying the rent of their house and into his school fees. The one thing that his family wanted for him was that he gets the best of education, for that they put him in a good school, one which was within their reach.

Children studying there came from good families but no one knew of the condition of Neil except his teachers and Principal. That’s why, he had a bit normal school life. He was good at studies. He would always pass with flying colors. Everyone knew that he would one day be a great man with good fortune such that his poverty will vanish and he would be able to give a normal life to his family.

In the whole lot of children, not only his studies separated him or made him stood out in the crowd. But one other thing that made him different was his down to earth and humble nature. He would help everyone out. Whether be in studies or something else.

Poverty had made him mature at a very young age. At his age, when children used to play and enjoy life; he was helping out his parents to improve their lives.

But still he had no qualms with life because he had the support and love of his parents. He had a support from his school which in consideration with his studies gave him a fee waiver of 70% i.e. he needed to pay only an amount of 30% of his fees every month.

The whole class liked him. He interacted with everyone. But there was this one girl, Sonia who loved him and liked him a lot. Neil didn’t know it. Sonia could never express her feelings to him but all she knew was that she wanted to be with him. Neil was a good friend of hers but she wanted more, she wanted something else. She wanted to be a part of her life, not as a friend but as someone whom he could trust, whom he would love like he loved his parents. But she did not know how to make it possible.

One day, while everyone was in science lab; she went to Neil and asked him to come outside the lab saying that she wanted to tell him something. Neil had no idea what Sonia was going to say. He went, and Sonia confessed her love. Neil was shocked, he did not know how to react, what to say; it had happened to him for the first time. He just went away without answering. Sonia got upset. The next day, she did not come to school. The other day also, she was absent. Neil got worried. He thought that Sonia must have got very hurt because he had not replied that day. He could not stop himself from meeting her and went straight to her home after the school ended.

After he went there, he got to know that she had fever and that’s the reason; why she was not coming to school. Sonia was very happy to see him.

Neil: “Hey, I thought you must be sad that I didn’t reply that day and that’s why, didn’t come up at school.”

Sonia: “No, no. It’s not like that. I have feelings for you. So it doesn’t imply that you too must be feeling the same for me. I can understand. Don’t worry. If you just want to be friends, then no problem.”

Neil: “See Sonia, you are a very nice girl. You are my best friend. Any guy would love to be with you. I too love your company. But the thing is that I belong to a poor family, I can’t give you gifts. I can’t giveyou chocolates. You deserve a guy who is apt for you in every sense. We don’t have any future.”

Sonia:”Then I asked Mrs. Mary and got to know that how your family struggles to make both ends meet. I can understand. I love you. It doesn’t matter to me, whether you are rich or poor. Whether or not you can give me flowers, chocolates or any other gift. I love you because you are humble, down to earth. You respect your parents so much. I love that and respect that.”

These humble words of Sonia got tears in Neil’s eyes. He went on his knees to propose her and she said yes.

From that day, they were together. Their bond just grew stronger and stronger. They parted ways only when they had to study. She went abroad and he stayed there to continue with his studies.

While she was out, he worked hard and went on to open his company earning great bucks. When she returned, he approached her parents with a proud face. Her parents agreed and they got married. Then they lived happily after. They had two children, one daughter, named Sania and a boy named Viraj.

Time passed by, both the children grew to two beautiful people with lovely parents.

The day came when Neil was to be honored with the ‘Best Businessman Of The Year’ award. Everyone was overwhelmed. When Neil was asked to say a few words, he said,

“I would like to dedicate my award to my dear love, my better half, Sonia. She has been the pillar of  strength throughout my life. She was there when I was nothing. She deserved to be there when I am everything. It’s just because of her that I have reached so far. I would also love to thank my children for their love and support.”