Have you ever met a person who is satisfied with his life and always happy, and have you met a person who is never happy, always frustrated and never satisfied with whatever he gets from life. the only thing that makes a difference between both of them is whether they are happy with what they are doing or whether what they are doing makes them happy, It is people who write their own story are the ones who are happier.


This is the story of Tara, who is a girl from a small village. She was looking out through the window watching the corridor of her house where women are working continuously, she dreamed of becoming a doctor irrespective of the fact that the girls of her family will get married once they are 18, She has heard many mothers dying while giving birth to their children, she clearly remembers the day when she lost her mother to the same when her mother was giving birth to her younger sister, because people of the village never took their pregnant wife to hospital and their village never had a lady doctor. But Tara didn’t think about any of this and the only thing she wanted was that no other child or mother should face the same situation. When she told the same to her father, he at first refused to help her with the dreams she had, but he knew that Tara was not among those who will leave ad forget things so easily.

Tara was sent to school because it was her mother’s last wish, and her father had to do it. But then he wasn’t interested in letting her go out in freedom and become or live her dreams as it would be a prestigious issue for him among the people of his village. so he has planned a condition for her. Tara was told by her father that if she will top the 12th board then she will be allowed to go further and study medicine.

Tara was both happy and nervous, cause she know that she never crossed above 80% in her entire life, she was not sure that this will happen, her thoughts were disturbed by the loud cry she heard from the nearby neighborhood, It was one of her best friend saanj’s mother who was giving birth to a child. Tara was as worried as any other member of that family, it was more than an hour that Tara went there but the loud cry of saanj’s mother didn’t come to an end.

Finally a cry of a baby, that made everyone happy but not Tara she was only waiting to know the how about of saanj’s mother.

The Local storyteller was the oldest lady in the village and she was the doctor for the moment, she came out saying that saanj’s mother isn’t well and medical assistance is required for her to get well, but the family refused to take her to the hospital as the hospital didn’t have a lady doctor.

The next day Tara’s sleep was broken by a loud cry, she could recognize that it was her friend saanj’s. Tara rushed to her friend’s house and was shocked to see saanj’s mother dead, Tara could understand that it was only because she wasn’t given medical assistance, and because their village didn’t have a lady doctor. She didn’t utter a word for the next two days.

Tara was shaken by what she has seen and now she has decided that she has to do something to stop what was happening in her village. She not only wanted to do but she wanted to succeed in the condition that her father has laid before her, she wanted to do it with everything that she had, she was determined to spend 18 hours every day on her books. she used to get up before everyone at her home and used to go to bed after everyone has.

There was no day after that when the sun has seen her on the bed. When everyone used to sleep then she went to the terrace with a lantern every day for studying. she did everything to remember the answers, repeating them while fetching water from the well, while washing clothes, while in the market, everywhere. whenever she wanted to give up she thought of her younger sister who never had experienced the care and love of a mother, Saanj who lost the same.
The day of exams have arrived and Tara didn’t sleep for the last 2 days as it was English exam toughest of all for her, she did her best preparation for the exams, gave her best at the exams. Tara was seeing through the window lost in her thoughts and her younger sister suddenly walked in and with a loud sound said that the results are out.

Tara was eager to know about the results and she could clearly see that she was not the state topper, but by seeing the results not only Tara but her father was shocked as well, she was ranked 7th.

It clearly gave her father a picture of how determined she was, everyone at the house were shocked but eventually happy but not Tara, for her she lost, and then there was an announcement made on radio that not only she but the entire neighborhood was shocked, the government will be funding the top 10 rankers, this made Tara’s face bloom with happiness, and her father went away.

Tara was eagerly waiting for her father, it was the late hours of an evening, not only Tara but everyone was waiting for Tara’s father and his decision. Finally Tara’s father came home with a filled bag, but no one were interested in the bag or what it had, Tara’s father slowly walked to her and gave her the bag and nothing not even a word, as he was walking through the corridor, Tara sat by the pillar expressionless.

Tara’s younger sister opened the bag and found that it was filled with books, empty one’s by seeing that Tara rushed to her father, he told “you are studying, whatever that you want to study”, Tara crying, hugged her father and he told “no matter what the village thinks about you or our family, you will study, and there won’t be any other mother dying”, it’s the efforts what Tara put has achieved her to be what she wanted to be, it’s her life and her story, she didn’t let the village nor the customs write it for her, She achieved it, she wrote her story.