We lived together,

Shared every moment with one another.

Memories were created

And stored in our hearts forever.

I can never forget,

How she came like a breeze,

Soothed my life,

Made me happy,

And then left.

Leaving her little ones behind,

To commemorate her.

Now I only have memories,

but they are worth more than a treasure.

– Vaaruni Agarwal

Gaggo undoubtedly, helped me create the best memories of my life. Everything she did was just so extraordinary. She was the most loved one of our whole locality, nobody ever scolded her. Whatever, she did was lovely and was enough to give us a good laugh.

On one winter afternoon, she sat on a place where some white cement was spilt. She sat there for hours and thus got some of the powder on her face and body. Then she came to us and showed it, she gave an expression as if she wanted to say “Oh, look at me, how pretty I am. I can beat even the most beautiful woman on the earth. What do you think? Huh…”.Oh, that was soo cute of her. I can never forget that expression.

The very next day I saw her sitting on the top of the car, that my neighbour purchased about a year ago. They also saw her sitting but never said anything because they also loved her.

Gaggo was the queen of all the stray dogs of our locality. She used to command all others and they even followed her instructions. For a couple of days, she behaved as if she was actually a queen. Actually, she formed a group of around four-five dogs, commanded them at every step. They used to live together and whenever they walked together, she walked in the middle protected by her dog bodyguards.

Gaggo was a real enemy of all the goats of our locality, once I gave a goat some of the leftovers of vegetables, but Gaggo and Hiran saw this and came barking to that goat. The poor fellow was so scared that she immediately ran away, leaving the leftovers. Then the two raided the bag of the leftovers, but Gaggo found something that she started to work on it. It took me several minutes to understand that she thought the hard white stick of cauliflower to be a bone and thus was very busy with it.  As soon as I realised this I burst into an uncontrollable laughter. When she realised this she ran away as if she knew what she had done and was embarrassed to come before us for a couple of days.

Some of her deeds were so good that I cannot explain them in words. However, one thing I must share is about her caring attitude. One morning my mother got a fracture in her hand so she got a plaster on her right hand. Gaggo was going somewhere when she caught sight of this and stopped, she looked so worried. Immediately, she came up to our house and gave an expression as if she wanted to ask “What is this? What happened to you?”.  Then for a couple of days, she stayed at our home taking great care of my mother.

She could not say a word but was so expressive that anyone could easily understand what she wanted to say. Once she was sitting in my room and I was busy with some work. She wanted a massage or something so she started to make some noises, I went to her when she tried to lick her back, but her tongue didn’t reach there. So I served her, she was so happy with this that she licked my hand and again gave me that expression of smiling. This smile still cherishes in my heart as it was the last time I saw her smiling.

A couple of days after this incident, she got hit by an overspeeding car at night and died on the spot. That day was the 12-November-2017. Now, I only have her memories saved in my heart, the happiest phase of my life was when I spent time with her.